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Marilyn Monroe’s Photoshoot Before Death Will Leave You Stunned

Marilyn Monroe was an epitome of beauty and sensuality. Her natural allure laid down the benchmark for the generations that came after her untimely death. This sensational beauty created a worldwide buzz when she was alive but after she died, she turned into a phenomenon. While most of her photoshoots are well-noted, I am here to reveal the pictures from the one she had gotten done just before her death and were never made public.

Just look at this stunner.


After three weeks of this photoshoot, she was found dead in her apartment. The reason of her death is said to be an overdose of barbiturates.

The photos were never revealed.


Borris was wrecked by the news of Marilyn’s death and decided not to make the photos public.

Held for a particular purpose.


The photoshoot was exectuted for the book, Marilyn: Her Life In Her Own Words.

Last year, the pictures were auctioned in Bloomsbury, London.


Marilyn Monroe’s life was surrounded with controversies.


She was constantly struggling with her addiction with drugs, depression and anxiety.

Her death is still a topic of controversy.


Though, her death is ruled out as suicide, some people have other theories.

Nevertheless, she will always remain an icon.


And her beauty unmatchable.



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