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Like Facebook? You Could Be Getting Paid To Use It Soon!


Facebook is in talks to create a feature that will pay you for your funny statements and “grade-A banter.”

This means that if you post a hilarious status about something you did or have something witty to say about current events, you could be earning more than just likes – if Facebook finds you worthy.


Currently, Facebook doesn’t have any way for users to monetize their accounts. Something like this would encourage more people to share content and really spice up their social media game.

Facebook is eager to pay cash for your amazing status updates and posts. But they need to figure out how to add the functionality to their platform first.

But will this compete with people who make money on YouTube?

Find out more about how Facebook will pay you for your banter!

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Because Facebook will probably just hand out cash to those that have statuses and updates that get lots of likes and engagement, it won’t directly compete with YouTubers. Why? Because in order to make money on YouTube, content creators must split advertising money with the platform itself.

Facebook proposed a bunch of ways to make money on a recent customer questionnaire including:

  • a tip jar
  • ad revenue sharing
  • a donation button
  • a call-to-action button

While there’s no guarantee the social media giant will pay you cash for you status updates yet, these kinds of surveys have led to innovation on the site in the past.

Start building up your backlog of “banter” and witty posts now. Soon enough, Facebook could be paying you for them and you’ll be cashing in!

Do you want to be paid to use Facebook?

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