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Ever Wondered Why These Small Buttons On Your Jeans Pocket Exist?

Blue Jeans and Denim are an integral part of our casual culture. We just slip into these pants and voila! We are done getting ready.
But have you ever wondered what those irrelevant buttons on the jean pockets are for?

They clearly don’t hold anything neither do they help close our pocket.

All the way from the western culture.


We wear them for utmost comfort and to mention they even give us a dressy feel if we pair it up with a dressy shirt.


The phenomenon started in 1872. Yes, almost 140 years ago.


Well, it seems like the workmen needed something that wouldn’t rip off while working.


Jacob Davis found himself repairing torn clothes and came up with a solution, “Copper Rivets”.


Without enough money, he turned to a man named Levi, who was a fabric supplier.


Hence, the riveted pockets. They were a big hit.


Without a doubt, we love how those little copper buttons make our denim look just perfect.


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