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7 People Who Totally Forgot Reflections Exist And Ruined Their Social Life

Most of the things in our life are small and we think that they don’t really matter at all. But sometimes, these things are actually things that may seem small, however, they are actually things that really matter. We need to take of such things and move ahead to see them properly and take proper care so that they don’t happen again or at least they aren’t captured forever. These people forgot mirrors have reflections and well, you decide how it turned out for them. Cropping helps, remember that.

Sorry, Granny.


Her grandmother was sleeping when she decided to strip down and click this picture. I’m sure the granny would be traumatized if she ever saw this.

Do it first.


She was at it when her friend decided to take this picture. Well, you could have at least let her complete the work.

I am thin.


For a second, people might’ve actually believed that she is thin. However, the mirror clarifies a lot for us. Thank you.

Take a picture, baby girl.


Yeah, you hid your face very well for this picture, but the mirror kind of ruined most of your dreams for you.

Such priorities.


This mother wants pictures and wants likes on them and that’s her only and main priority. How does it matter that the kid is suffering, let him suffer. We learn from suffering after all, right?

Such traffic, much wow.


If this is the kind of traffic that there is and he sees that as a problem, he has no idea what real traffic is. If this was traffic, we all would love it.

After all, they are free.


This girl is giving us free hugs and we love anything that is free. So, it’s legit that there’s a huge line for this.




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