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20 Of The Dumbest People ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media has been around for a long time. Maybe not as long as the internet or home computers, but long enough that people should know the basic rules of etiquette. For example, don’t post anything offensive, don’t spam your friends and most importantly, don’t be a dummy online, because people will never forget it.

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Here are some of the dumbest things people have ever said online. Your IQ might be taken down a few notches just by reading these.

bonjourImage source:

Let’s look past the fact that this girl doesn’t realize that French and Arabic use two different alphabets. You think she would at least Google the word “Bonjour” before making such a boldly stupid statement.

elevatorImage source:

This person should not be able to ride an elevator. If they have a license, it should definitely be revoked.

canadiansImage source:

They also believe the world is round and that climate change exists! Those crazy Canadians!

SunImage source:

How does one respond to this, really? If it’s not a star, then what is it bro? A “sun” is not an acceptable answer!

there-2Image source:

We couldn’t agree with you more! The next time proud mommy drops off her daughter at school, she should consider sticking around for a grammar lesson.

rapingImage source:

Looks like Batman Kirk should proofread his Facebook updates before posting. Either that or this dude needs some serious help.

GrandpaImage source:

Bad news about your grandpa, but happy to hear he’s still getting around. Sex is good for the immune system!

SeizureImage source:

If you didn’t know that Lil Wayne had a SEIZURE, you might be wondering why Nev is so alarmed that the rapper had a salad for lunch.



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