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10 of the Coolest Credit Card Designs Ever

Hello Kitty Credit Card


Several different banks and retailers offer Hello Kitty credit cards and Hello Kitty debit cards. We’ve mainly just seen Hello Kitty Visa cards, but some places also offer Mastercards with Hello Kitty’s adorable face.

You can use Hello Kitty credit cards at any participating retailer, not just Sanrio stores. Some secured credit card companies are even jumping on the cool character bandwagon and offering prepaid credit cards with designs that feature Hello Kitty and the rest of the Sanrio crew.

We’re thinking about applying for a Keroppi credit card with a cashback rewards program, but maybe Pekkle would be cuter?

Star Wars Credit Cards


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…we fell in love with Star Wars credit cards and debit cards. Wait, nevermind. That was actually yesterday.

Now we just have to figure out which Star Wars characters we want on our prepaid credit cards. Should we embrace our dark side and go with Dark Vader, or could we benefit from Yoda’s words of wisdom? Hmmm, maybe we’ll pick Princess Leia since she has the coolest hair in the Star Wars franchise.

Decisions, decisions.

Disney Credit Cards


We’ve loved Disney movies and TV shows since we were kids, so why not embrace warm childhood memories by applying for a Disney credit card? Chase offers several different Disney credit card designs, including cards with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Tinkerbell.

There are also prepaid debit cards with Disney characters. We’ve seen several different ones with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Kim Kardashian Credit Card


Keep up with the smiling faces of the Kardashian sisters every time you swipe this Mastercard. This Kardashian credit card features Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian against a sophisticated black background.

Now we’re dying to know if there’s also a Kanye West credit card on the market…

Breast Cancer Awareness Credit Cards


Show support for the Susan B. Komen organization by proudly donning a bold pink ribbon on your debit and credit cards. Kick your dedication up a notch with a custom-made breast cancer awareness checkbook to go with your cards.

The Walking Dead Credit Card


Are you a loyal Walking Dead fan? Deadheads around the world can relive suspenseful scenes from the hit show each time they make a purchase with their Walking Dead credit cards. Don’t forgot to stock up on supplies for your survival stash.

Angry Birds Credit Card


Show friends and family members you’re a gamer for life when you swipe your Angry Birds card at a store or restaurant. Colorful characters from the popular game adorn the front of these eye-catching debit cards.

Traveler Credit Cards


If you can’t travel around the world at the moment, using one of these credit cards is the next best thing. Credit cards for travelers (or folks who wish they had the time or money to travel) feature everything from relaxing beach scenes to snow-capped mountains. Anybody up for a mental vacation to the Bahamas?

My Little Pony Credit Cards


Who’s your favorite My Little Pony character? Mastercard has more than 10 different My Little Pony designs to choose from, whether you want a prepaid debit card with a pink pony or a secured credit card with a charming rainbow-haired pony.

National Geographic Credit Cards


Love reading about the adventures and lifestyles of unique people from around the world? National Geographic brings their stories to life on these stunning credit cards.



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