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10 Beautiful Images Of Unborn Baby Animals In The Womb

Technology has made it possible to study the development of embryo in the womb of mother. Various techniques such as scanning technology, ultrasound, computer artwork and miniscule camera are used to capture the images.

These images have been taken from the National Geographics documentary named “Extraordinary Animals In The Womb” produced by Peter Chinn. Check out the outstanding collection of the images of unborn animals in the womb.

1) Elephant


This image of baby elephant depicts that nothing about elephants is small not even the gestation period which lasts for 22 months. The baby elephant possesses all the necessary body organs which are present in the adult one.

2) Polar bears


Polar bears have fur and tiny claws even in the womb itself. The little cubs will grow to become the largest carnivore species on earth.

3) Snake


Unlike other animals, the embryo of snake develops in the egg which resembles the egg of a bird. Infant snake possesses a well defined brain region and vertebral column.

4) Dolphin


Dolphins have six months of gestation period. Mother gives birth to baby after 12 months. Baby dolphins possess small teethes and tail flukes in their mother’s womb itself.

5) Possum


Ultrasound was not required to capture the image of Possum in womb because it is born as a fetus. This marsupial reaches again to the pouch of mother to born again.

6) Tiger shark


Tiger shark have such sharp teethes in the womb that they can even swallow their unborn siblings. Baby sharks grow to become one of the ocean’s deadliest predators as they are responsible for causing large number of deaths almost every year.

7) Lemon shark


In their fetal stage, infant lemon sharks resembles a tadpole. Fishes and even seabirds are the prey of Lemon shark. Lemon shark is the fastest tropical shark species on the earth.

8) Penguin


This image depicts the egg shell of Penguin chick. Chick is floating in the fluid with the egg yolk attached to its belly.

9) Chihuahua


Little Chihuahua resembles a small teddy bear. The little puppy has well defined canine features and its sharp juvenile teethes have already grown in the womb itself.

10) Horse


The 85-days old fetus of the horse has long neck turned on its body and domed head resting on a foreleg. The infant has well defined hooves, mouth and nostrils.



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