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These UFO-Inspired Underwater Pods Are The Ultimate Futuristic Sea Exploration Toy

Looking as if they fell from space and landed straight in the sea, these futuristic looking underwater pods have been designed to make exploration of our oceans even more epic. Dubbed the UFO or the unidentified floating object, the structures designed by an Italian water transportation company called Jet Capsule acts almost like a moving island on the upper deck and as a mini sub on the lower decks allowing you to enjoy life both above and below the waves.

img_10_1460671255_ac5dadcc86d645c3dbf9221daf18b57c-810x640(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

Currently seeking investors the project’s concept designs call to mind a seafaring space ship of sorts. Coming complete with a kitchen, a shower and a viewing platform the submersible appears to be ideally suited to calmer seas and for viewing underwater ecosystems and habitats instead of deep sea excursions. None the less we can imagine the appeal that the UFO will have for those looking to travel the seas in style.

Concept designs include solar panelling on the top of the structure to allow for self-sufficiency and a series of different sized UFOs that can travel at estimated speeds of up to three knots (3.5mph).

Check out the designs below and you could be seeing more UFOs than ever before…

img_7_1460671255_a9cd9f4e3c828a5c4c618e96c342c7f1-810x594(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_3_1460671255_ebd73e4482d52d6c21ae3705ea2852da-810x455(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_8_1460671255_a037fa1063aa19f58d28f671a8dbc7b2-810x646(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_4_1460671255_b5cbc4c330ce08bdbd08f867d9d398cf-810x505(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_5_1460671255_fc4f4a405fcb2ae7f1fe1715a20c8785-810x505(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_9_1460671255_976b24297ecbfe4ac5d37a8f3757484c-810x594(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)

img_11_1460671255_2539a84304a8ccf1c9a146a0ffed7a11-810x637(Image: Jet Capsule via Designboom)




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