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The Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever, 5 Is Jaw Dropping Some of them will leave you with your mouth open

Nicki Minaj

her entire top came undone “on accident” at the 2014 VMAs. Sure Nicki, ti was an “accident”; isn’t that a kids show?


Elizabeth Hurley

At a breast cancer awareness party Hurley showed some cheek when her dress rode up a bit.


Katherine Heigl

This was a total near nip-slip. After one of her straps failed during an acceptance speak in Vegas Heigl nearly showed all the goodies!


Emma Watson

Hermione showed her panties! When asked about this in an interview she stated “At least I was wearing underwear”! Some guys wish you weren’t, though.


Jennifer Garner

Garner showed off a big secret about her “slim”m body when she revealed her tights underneath her dress alongside Steve Carell.


Jennifer Lawerence

While climbing the steps at the 2013 SAG awards Jennifer lifted her dress to make it easy to go up and down steps, but she lifted a little too high.





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