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These Celebrities Lost Their Hair Then Magically It Was Back – Hair Restoration Time!

Hair-loss is a serious problem for men, especially the mercurial Hollywood man; after all how will they maintain their heart throb status and still play roles written for actors half their age if they are prematurely balding. Luckily hair restoration doctors and a combination of hair restoration drugs are at hand to save those prone to hair-loss and male pattern baldness. Here are our favorite celebrities who magically resprouted hair.

John Travolta

John Travolta the king of dance from the 70’s faced a serious issue – should he go full Bruce Willis and man out his rapidly increasing hair loss, or attack it with science and a highly recommended hair restoration doctor. He choose the latter.

Almost overnight, John was back with super long flowing locks of shiny healthy hair. We read that he had a hair transplant (more about those later), and a long course of monoxidil which helps the newly implanted hair follicles grow back quickly.

The jury is still out on if his new hair is ever so slightly over the top though!

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven has recently been in some period drama called Mr Selfridge, and while we are sure that fans of downbeat abbey or whatever will appreciate this, Mr Piven will *always* be Ari Gold, the foul mouthed, sharp, and downright mean lawyer from Entourage. Despite his excellent acting credentials, Jeremy couldn’t outrun thinning hair and male pattern baldness. ‘Experts’ on forums agree that he was a Norwood 5A (scale for baldness).

Luckily Hollywoods most trusted hair restoration doctors were on hand, and Jeremy received an emergency hair implant procedure which took him back to a Norwood 2, which is officially the level at which one looks svelte. Random internet posters also claim he uses cosmetic products such as Nanogen, Dermatch, or Toppik to maintain thickness – we cannot verify this as understandably we dont have access to his bathroom.

Matthew McConaughey

There was a time when anywhere Matthew would go, a trail of screaming females would follow. The good type of screaming female, the type that likes attractive men, not the strange hair colored permanently angry type of screaming female. Now thats cleared up…. In recent years his roles have become more ‘esoteric’, dare we say less eye candy and more polished acting ability.

We suspect that this was in part due to his rapidly thinning hair which was decreasing his manly appeal. Matthew flat out denied to Elle magazine that he had a hair restoration procedure, claiming instead that he uses Regenix which is a natural hair loss treatment.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck never seems to age, he has a string of incredible movies and we will be soon seeing him as Batman in Batman vs Superman – we cant wait. At the age of 43 he looks great in every way, but sadly the internet sees all, and some thinning hair photos surfaced a few years ago. Gasp! Ben Affleck potentially suffering from male pattern baldness, will he still be a mans man, and a ladies man simultaneously with a chrome dome??

Some internet sites say he has a toupee to cover the hair loss. However we have our own theory. We suspect he has been using a process called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which gradually transplants hair into thinning areas and is much less invasive and obvious that the full on ‘travolta’ procedure. It will likely be another few decades before we actually find out.

Christian Slater

This cheeky monkey has been a crowdpleaser from his teen hits like Heathers through to blockbusters such as Robin Hood Prince of Theives and Interview with the Vampire. Recently he has bust back onto the scene with a leading role in Mr Robot – one of the most original and frankly good TV shows in years – check it out.

Christian Slater clearly suffered from early onset male pattern baldness, and we can see his receding hairline in the photo above. He has in recent years magically restored his hair making him look much younger in the process. In Christians case we are nearly positive that this is due to the intervention of a good hair restoration doctor, and the internet agrees that this is clearly a case of a hair transplant. You look better for it – good man!

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx in addition to being a great actor has won an Oscar, and we liked his comments this week when he suggested Will Smith needs to simply #actbetter if he wants to win one, rather than sending his wife of a moaning session and boring the rest of us.

Jamie has the weirdest hair line ever, its literally sorcery, it moves backwards and forwards in a perfect line. Google suggests propecia when you search his name, and this is a well known hair regrowth drug. However to us it looks like a clear case of hair plug restoration, and overly perfect! It seems like he has designed his own unique hairline and he is sticking to it. We respect you Mr Foxx – do it your way!

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton is 60 years old, he could totally be forgiven by Hollywood for having thinning hair, especially considering his illustrious career and sheer range of acting capabilities.

Despite all of this Hollywood demands all of its men except Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have full heads of hair. The internet abounds with rumors that Billy Bob wears a hair piece, but we dont think so. It looks to us like he has had a very minor hair implant and adopted a hair style which maximizes what he already has. Its clearly working as he looks like a man in his early 40’s with the rare exception where he takes an older role.

Job well done!

Jude Law

Ahhhh Jude Law, who we specifically placed towards the end of this article, because frankly there is far too much talk about this mans hair-loss ‘problems’. Jude has been a heartthrob and a clear favorite of the ladies for decades now. He is so great at filling this role, it didn’t even matter when he very obviously succumb to male pattern baldness early in his career. He took that and ran with it, and went on to win the race.

In recent photos Mr Law has been showing off a much fuller head of hair. Some say this is just due to every paparazzi in the world agreeing to only take flattering photos, others say it was a Faustian agreement. To us it looks like he styled his hair to make the most of it, uses hair thickening products, and yes possibly may have had some minor hair restoration surgery.

Gordon Ramsay

Ahhhhh our favorite Jock – to our American readers, this word means Scottish, not the inhabitant of a sweaty gym locker. Gordon Ramsay in addition to being one of the worlds finest chefs, has become a rather large TV sensation with shows like Hells Kitchen and Masterchef being constant successes in America. The American formats are so good that we watch them on this side of the Atlantic.

Gordon has never been shy about anything, and talking about his hair restoration operation (and other plastic surgery procedures) is no problem for the big man. While he has always fueled tabloid rumors, several have confirmed his hair restoration procedure and there are photos of him leaving a hair restoration clinic. Confirmed!




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