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The Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails Of ALL TIME!

When it comes to makeup disasters of the stars, the worldwide press is only too keen to point and laugh and (sadly) women the world over seem to enjoy it. The men..well they don’t seem to notice or care.

We don’t like to make fun at Daily Edition but sometimes a gentle ribbing is required. After all, some celebs take themselves a little too seriously. So without further ado, we presen the worst makeup fails of all time

Angelina Jolie Foundation Disaster

So what happened here Miss Jolie? No mirrors in your house?

Here we see the usually impeccably made up Angelina Jolie, 38 with fully plastered on warpaint. The result? Not only does she look like an extra at a clown show, but she also bizarely looks look far older than her years.

Perhaps her next role is playing the ever green Miss Marples and is getting a bit of practice in before the casting sessions…

Would YOU get made up like that?

Miley Cyrus Make Up Cringe

We’re used to seeing Miley in ultra raunchy outfits and highly charged dance videos. She’s a naturally beautiful woman though, so just a small amount of effort and she looks beautiful for any kind of event.

However..Oh dear. In this instance we see she might have been a little sleepy or even drunk when she applied the makeup, leaving a visible layer of white powder all around her chin and jaw, which was blasted all over the worlds media the next day! Poor young Miley!

It might have seemed a good idea to hire a 150 lb baboon to apply her makeup but the resulting disaster might give her pause for thought next time!

Uma Thurman Looking Like A Clown

Uma did you fall asleep face first in your foundation here? Any celebrity with White powder under their nose is sure to raise a few eyebrows, but when it’s also plastered all over your face you just start to appear…Odd.

How does a world famous celebrity not even notice this before she attends a major event? It’s not exactly hard to miss!

Looks like the 44 year old Pulp Fiction star needs to use a smaller trowel next time…

Nicole Kidman Made Up Like William Wallace

Maybe Nicole Kidman was watching Braveheart before she decided to try out this makeup look. There is certainly a William Wallace quality to her makeup decision here. Sure, she’s still as beautiful as ever but with this choice of make up we think she wouldn’t look out of place wielding a huge broadsword and fighting armies with a fierce, warrior battle cry.

We think Nicole looks much better with her usual understated look, after all she’s a naturally beautiful woman and doesn’t really need make up at all.

What do you think?

Kim Kardashian White Face Paint

Is Kim Kardashian doing a Michael Jackson here? Is she going for a white as the driven snow look?

The result makes her look just a little off, a bit like Casper the Friendly Ghost but with a bigger and more shapely butt!

Kim surely knows how she looks at all times, after all, she posts hundreds of Instagram pictures, so we struggle to see what she was thinking here.

Avril Lavigne – Just Too Much Makeup!

OK, she is cute as hell but what’s going on with those lashes? Avril looks a little like a Space Alien here, or possibly an extra for the Fifth Element movie.

It was an odd choice because you can barely see her lovely Blue eyes underneath all that bizarre makeup.

She won’t be attracting a decent man with that look!

Tyra Banks Raccoon Eyes

Earth calling Tyra! Put down the Raccoon eye makeup and the Pufferfish lipstick, you’re starting to look like a Zombie.

Next Red Carpet event, let’s return to the beautiful and natural woman that we are accustomed to seeing from Tyra Banks.

So there’s our worst ever makeup fails. What do YOU think? Comments below!





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