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The Weirdest And Most Unusual Phobias That You Have Never Heard Of – Hard To Believe!

There are literally 10s of thousands of well documented, verified and proven fears that are completely inconceivable to the average person. Here we present the weirdest phobias you’ve never heard of!

Eisoptrophobia – Fear Of Mirrors

I’m sure some of you are nodding your head in recognition of this particular fear, possibly remembering the night after a particularly heavy drinking session where the last thing you want to see is bloodshot, hooded eyes, unkempt hair, sallow skin and a bleak, despairing outlook. But this fear is actually far more interesting.

Eisotrophobia actually has it’s roots in the fear that demons or the spirit world might live behind the mirror, so sufferers are terrified of looking in the mirror for fear of seeing or actually summoning something terrifying and unstoppable from the spirit world. Thus, they avoid coming into contact with mirrors and reflective surfaces at all costs.

No hot selfies for these guys!

Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns


This is a common one. Think of Stephen King books and horror movies and you’ll realise that there’s something inherently whack about these ostensibly jolly harmless characters. On closer inspection though, the wacky hair, the screaming painted on mouth, the jerky movements and the unending hyper energy make clowns a terrifying prospect for many people, especially children.

In adulthood the vast majority of us grow out of these fears but for some it never fades, and they cannot stand to be in the same room as one of these faux jolly creatures. Perhaps this is not such a weird phobia to have after all?

Gymnophobia – Fear Of Nudity

Picture the scene..You match your dream man or woman on Tinder or spot them from across a crowded room…Your eyes meet and there is an electric moment of communication, the spark is there and unmistakable. You begin to talk and arrange to meet for a date another time.

The date goes beautifully..Not only is there insane attraction but you share the same beliefs and aspirations – it’s the perfect match! You have found your soulmate, who you could spend the rest of your life with. You want nothing more than to jump into bed for night after night of intense passion.

You have dinner at your place with your soulmate..The atmosphere is infused with passion and love..SO you move to the bedroom..The clothes come off and then..BOOM

Your soulmate shakes with fear, their eyes widen and they scream, running terrified from the room! What happened? Do you have a rat or cockroach problem? Did a space alien just teleport itself between you and is staring at you with it’s weird egg shaped head and reptillian eyes?

No..Your soulmate suffers from Gymnophobia and is terrified of nudity! Your dreams are shattered and you’ll never get to consumate your relationship unless fully clothed with holes cut out for your naughty bits. Surely the most inconvenient phobia of all!

Ergophobia – Fear Of Work

No, don’t laugh! In today’s difficult times I’m sure many of you are keenly aware of the unemployment rate and the amount of money that is plowed into unemployment benefits. Without making a judgement on this we can tell you that some rare people actually have an actual phobia of work – both manual and non manual. It’s not laziness, it’s a paralysing fear of any kind of work that is thought to be linked to a toxic, crippling combination of performance anxiety and / or social phobia.

Sufferers are well aware that their fear is irrational, but break into extreme anixety and cold sweats at the thought of having to attend the workplace. We guess a minor consolation is the increased opportunities offered by flexible working.

You never know, that lazy bum that you know of who never seems to have a job might suffer from this!..Maybe.

Cathisophobia – Fear Of Sitting

Surely the strangest phobia on our list so far, Cathisophobia sufferers are scared to death of sitting down – on ANYTHING. The exact cause is unknown but it is believed to be caused by having a case of hemorrhoids, or more seriously from physical abuse from sitting on sharp or painful objects. Other causes are thought to be related to having a bad experience during formative years – for example whilst sitting in the classroom at school, or from sitting opposite powerful, elite people or authority figures.

Counselling and exposure are the only cures for this debilitating condition that naturally has a very adverse effect on the sufferers quality of life. When the sufferer has no choice other than sitting down, they often suffer from severe anxiety, sweating and other unpleasant effects. Of course, it’s virtually impossible to live a full life whilst you suffer from this condition.

Panphobia – Fear of Everything

panphobia-bebiviral-com-1bebiviral. com

Our last phobia on the list and surely the most debilitating and life altering, Panphobia describes a person who is unable to cope in the world due to living with almost constant anxiety, dread and fear. The phobia is non specific and generalised, and so is very hard to treat.

Panphobia is often a secondary condition of Schizophrenia and is only controllable by powerful drugs (supervised by qualified practitioners), which themselves can have deleterious side effects. For those who suffer from this phobia in isolation, it can actually be gradually worked through by an experienced and gentle practitioner, but this process can take months or even years.

Clearly the sufferer has a pretty miserable existence, and so we hope that more can be learned and understood about this terrible affliction, in the hopes of finding a swift and effective cure for those unfortunate enough to suffer from it.




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