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8 Graduation Party Ideas To Make Your Celebration Great

1) Serve Delicious And Practical Food


All your friends have come over to your house to celebrate their newly graduated status and they are, most probably, arriving at your house hungry and famished. To appease their appetite, you need to provide them with celebratory and easy to eat food.

You need to serve them with doughnut pops, candy, and cupcakes decorated with ribbons and icing with the word “Congrats” written on the cupcakes or a cake with the graduation year on the pops.

More importantly, you need to purchase mouthwatering finger foods for your guests, from mini-sandwiches, shrimp, crackers with olives and cheese, French fries, and you get the idea. For the drinks, you can choose to offer lemonade, soda, and juice.

If you are throwing a party as a group, you can tell each person to bring a dish. This way, it will place less pressure on you and you can use the time to decorate your house and front yard. You can also provide them with a fortune cookie holding their fate.

2) Send Out The Invitations


How do you plan to invite people to your graduation party? Please do not say via your social media accounts. Even though it is perfectly fine to invite people over the internet, you should hand out invitations the traditional way along with social media invites.

After a long time, you will be sitting down to create a customized card to give your graduating class. You can ask a friend to help you create a card, containing your graduation colors or pictures of people from the yearbook pasted on the front of the card.

You can copy the pages of the yearbook, and then cut them out. Put your creativity on display through your invitations.

3) Leave A Message


Near the front entrance, place a pen and paper for people to write a message. However, you do not need to tell people to leave a message in such a bland, boring, and unexciting way. You can place a chalkboard globe outside the house, a decorated signing table, and small boxes with opening to place the chit of paper containing the message.

Another creative method that comes to mind is to place a tree in or outside the house and on a table with ribbons and pre-hole punched paper.

People will write their message, string a ribbon of their choice through the paper, and hang it on the tree. You can decorate the tree as well. You can probably think of more ideas so get to it.

4) Add Balloons To Your Entrance To Make It Colorful


You can arrange the balloons in your front yard to match your graduation theme. You can use balloons with patterns on them such polka dots or stripes. You can give each person a bouquet of balloons on the way in or out of your party.

You can maintain the colorful theme inside your house and in your backyard as well. To complement the theme, you can serve food in colorful plates and place cups and utensils of different colors.

5) Hang Pictures Of Your Class


When your friends enter your house, the first thing they should encounter is their pictures hanging down from the ceiling. You can place their pictures all over the house or in your garden on stakes impaled in the grass.

If you do not want to embarrass your friends or yourself for that matter, you can always put pictures of past events and fieldtrips you have attended as a class together.

If you have personal pictures of your friends hanging out, you can use those as well. In short, seeing the pictures will trigger pleasant memories for everyone, including you.

6) Design A Photo Booth


Everyone will be busy taking pictures and making videos to upload on popular social media sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. To make their pictures even more memorable, provide your friends with props and a unique backdrop.

They can use the props to take kooky and hilarious pictures. You can purchase the props or make your own. For instance, a prop table can feature wacky sunglasses, mustache, sayings, and more, which people can hold up when taking a picture.

You can feature your party live on your Snapchat story.

7) Host A Costume Party


You can host a costume party, but what will people wear, you wonder. People can dress up like their future profession or wear clothes indicating the college or university they are going to after high school.

It will be a fun party, as you will get to see all your friends wearing different costumes. You do not have to have a graduation themed costume party, so you can tell them to wear anything they like.

This may be the last time you get together to have a party before all of you leave for college so make the most of it.

8) Have Fun And Games


Introduce games to your guests such as Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke, Charades, Heads Up, Twister, basketball, cards, and more. If more than one of your friends can dance or sing, you can have a dance off or a sing off.

Even if one person can dance or sing, you can request them to show their moves and croon a song of their choice. Make your party fun by playing games to keep everyone laughing and having a good time. You can take pictures of people while they are playing games and place them in your memory book, if you have one.



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