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15 Celeb Plastic Surgery Operations Gone Horribly Wrong!

Donatella Versace (VP Of High Fashion Brand Versace)

It was during the 1990’s that the most noticeable changes the to Donatella Versace’s lips first became apparent. Normally, untouched lower lips are approximately 50% more plump than the upper lip, and in Donatella’s case the proportions were reversed from her first operation. In addition, the designers waxy looking skin is the result of several laser treatments.

She has shown no evidence that she is unsatisfied with her appearance, and her pouty lips have become her trademark.

Donatella still runs her world famous fashion brand to this day and is an icon the world over, so her plastic surgery gone wrong does not seem to have affected her career unduly at all.

Tara Reid

Best known for her role in the movie American Pie, Tara Reid received breast implants as well as liposuction in the year 2004. She admitted she had gotten her stomach artificially contoured and the procedure went south. To correct the mistake that devastated her body, Tara Reid underwent reconstructive surgery to fix her botched surgery in 2006 and later posed for playboy to show off her newly fixed body.

Tara has since had a resurgence in her career and still stars in hit movies to this day.

Alessandra Ambrosio

When you look at this beautiful Victorias Secret model now, you would never know that she suffered a botched operation at the young age of 11. She claimed her ears used to stick out a little, so she had them pinned become as she wanted to become a model. She found a surgeon in her hometown in Brazil who willingly performed the operation, despite having only done it once before.

She later explained that it felt like her ears felt like they had been cut off for the first few nights, and she had to return for corrective surgery until a year afterward. Now in her early 30s, doctors have offered to fix them but she says she would no longer ever consider cosmetic surgery.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has constantly been in the media spotlight and unfortunately for her, it has not always been glowing praise. Tori initially denied having a botched breast augmentation procedure, after continuously being targeted by the media for her severe chest depression. She finally admitted in 2008 to Entertainment Weekly “I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s, because people falsely write that I’ve had all these other things done.”

Tori still regularly appears in glossy magazines and tabloids, so she is no stranger to controversy, though sadly we do not see her on our TV screens as much as we used to in her heyday.

La Toya Jackson

Both Latoya and her famous brother Michael used the same plastic surgeon. They also both had many of the same procedures done including chin and cheek implants and perhaps most notably,the pointy nosed look that later became associated with the Jackson family.

Over the years many have questioned why they had so many surgical enhancements, since they both started out as attractive people, and they have become known for essentially ruining their famous faces with their addictions to cosmetic surgery.

Renee Zellweger

Showing off a completely wrinkle free forehead, Renee has had Botox and has removed extra skin from the upper eye lids. It’s also believed that she’s had a facelift and a neck lift. As you can see, her appearance has drastically changed. The 45-year-old actress is excited that people think she looks different. She says that she is living a different, happy, more fulfilling life and she’s thrilled that perhaps it shows.

Renee recently appeared in the new Bridget Jones movie, so her plastic surgery appears to have had no impact on her acting career, which is great because she is clearly a very talented actress.

Farrah Abraham

Made famous by the MTV show Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham had her breasts enlarged and shortly after started a career in porn. This proved to be the least of her worries; she later underwent a procedure to plumpen her lips, but unfortunately for her had an allergic reaction to her anesthetic. She did correct the damage but not after admitting that this wasn’t the only time she had gone under the knife. She admitted to previously having a nose job, chin implants and two boob jobs.

Farah is still in the news in 2016, unfortunately for arguments with stars such as Kim Kardashian. She now runs a webcam business and appears to have moved on from her addiction to plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke

Being one of the only men in Hollywood to openly admit to having a lot of cosmetic procedures done, Mickey Rourke admitted to facial reconstruction on his cheek and nose, most of which he claims was to repair the damage cause by his former boxing career. There are also persistent rumors of Rourke having a hair transplant which would explain the ongoing forward hairline. Like so many others, one surgery doesn’t seem to satisfy his needs.

Mickey has had an amazing comeback in his career, and has recently starred in many hit movies. He’s actually made use of his more battered appearance, and it appears to have served as a distinct advantage in his acting career. He is still apparently very attractive to women too, so Mickey is clearly a smart guy who uses his talents and appearance to best effect in his career.

Janice Dickinson

Self-proclaimed as the world’s first supermodel, Janice says she lives for plastic surgery. She has admitted to a brow lift, collagen injections, tummy tuck, face lift, and Botox and Restylane injections. Being one of the first to have breast implants, she was later informed of the dangers of having 30 year old implants. She had her ripple and ridges fixed by Dr. Dubrow on the popular reality T.V. show Botched. She remains one of the few who owns up to her plastic surgery addiction and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Now aged 60, Janice appears to have reached a happy place in her life and has made a considerable fortune from TV and music since her modelling career ended.

Dolly Parton

Known as one of the most famous celebrities for plastic surgery,Dolly has gone under the knife for :breast augmentations, a brow lift, fat grafting, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, more than one facelift!! and Botox. She is completely open about her surgeries and is happy with how she looks. She swears by her surgeon and has used the same one for years. She is affectionately known as the Queen Of Plastic Surgery, and wears her title with style and grace.

Dolly still makes hit music to this day and has a legion of admiring and loyal supporters who will buy her records for as long as she wants to make them. Smart woman!

Jocelyn Wildenstein

She’s been somewhat cruelly named The Cat Woman because she tried to make herself look more like a cat for her husband. To achieve this look, Jocelyn went under the knife for multiple facelifts, lip augmentation and eyebrow lifts.

Since turning 70 in 2010 she’s decided to undergo more procedures to reverse the surgeries and tone down her look. You might say, she probably shouldn’t have gone for the look in the first place.

She is now 75 years old but is still amazingly active on the New York socialite scene. Despite her addiction to plastic surgery, Jocelyn is obviously a strong and determined lady who has made best use of her time on this earth.

Andressa Urach

Famous model and Runner up to Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest, Andressa underwent a cosmetic procedure that ultimately caused her leg muscles to rot. The various fillers, hydrogel and PMMA were injected into the upper legs to make the butt and thighs more inflated. The procedure went badly wrong however and ultimately almost cost her life. The hydrogel was absorbed by her body and started to rot her muscle and tissues.

The hospital has not confirmed any of the persistent rumors that her legs have been amputated.

Morgan Freeman

morgan-freemanAt Daily Edition, we absolutely love Morgan, his films are consistently excellent. His teeth however are also famous having their own Facebook fan-page. It seems with all this attention, Morgan saw the need to get some dental work carried out. Its clear from the picture that he is now rocking an excellent set of veneers, and has pearly white teeth. To be honest we never noticed his teeth before, but hey, why shouldn’t God have great teeth too?

George Clooney

Georges career really took off after his role in ER, where he starred as the attractive Dr Doug Ross. Back in the days of being a mere mortal TV actor the talented Mr Clooney could get away with having slightly imperfect teeth, he looked more like the rest of us. As soon as he hit mega stardom, it was time to sort out that smile with some dental surgery. We suspect dental implants and a degree of cosmetic dentistry sorted out his smile.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay suffered from chronic tooth staining from smoking, drinking, and doing god knows what else with her mouth. She got her prematurely degraded and decaying teeth sorted when they started resembling Gollums teeth, opting for a full set of dental veneers. She looks ‘slightly’ better, but the internet abounds with stories of her frequently cracking her veneers, so we suspect before long she will be back to her original tomb stones.

Nicolas Cage


To be fair, waaaaaay back in 1984, when Nicholas Cage first fixed his teeth, the world was a different place. Back in these days people couldn’t tell Americans from British simply by examining their smiles. The world was simpler and everyone was slightly uglier. Time moves on however, and Nicholas moves with it. Today he rocks a perfect set of veneers, and to be honest – the above photo is probably the best advert for dental surgery ever.

Celine Dion

celinedionNow I know that readers are likely too transfixed by the crazy hair and strangely equine facial expression of Ms Dion in the photo above, but spare a minute to check out her dental transformation. She has had cosmetic dentistry to equal out her teeth, and then veneers to perfect their shape. With all the world watching when she sings, this was a very wise investment.

Miley Cyrus

This is quite odd, despite having teeth at all angles in the first shot, Miley actually looks better in the first photo. Miley needed a whole tonne of dental surgery including invisalign dental braces, veneers, and a lifetime supply of corrector fluid to keep her teeth this white. Her teeth may be her only attribute that can be described as ‘clean’.

Zach Efron

Part of Zachs charm was that he could pull off that high school jock / cool kid so effortlessly. The gap between his front teeth, although big enough to eat through, gave him a quirky more real look. Zach fixed this gap with some white filling and bonding, now he doesn’t have a quirky look and frankly we are not sure what he is good for anymore.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett fixed her teeth the traditional way with a dental brace as she made her way towards fame. This choice served her well and her stardom has continue to grow. Despite being on a huge number of hottest women lists, recently the Internet has once again started to pay attention to her teeth, and her apparent dislike of toothbrushes.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria being British, was always at high risk of having teeth at all sorts of crazy angles. She was one of a very fortunate few born that year on the rainy island with straight and true teeth. She needed no particular dental help through her career in the Spice Girls through to fashionista wife of David Beckham. Upon arrival in America however, it quickly became clear that her teeth needed to be blindingly white to fit in with the superstars. In our opinion her teeth are too white, what do you think?

Tom Cruise


WOW! I am 100% sure that Mr Cruise did not want this early photo from his dentist to ever see the light of day. What could be a better advert for a good cosmetic dental surgeon! After getting his teeth fixed, Tom went on to become a leading male superstar for the next two decades. Tom’s teeth these days set the bar for utter dental perfection.





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