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26 Extraordinary Real Life Castles From Around The World

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One thing that a lot of people dream about at a very young age is living in a castle. Before mansions started to pop up in more modern times, castles were seen as the symbol of luxury and power. These castles are a lot more rare now, but many of them are still standing. Most of these castles don’t belong to just one resident anymore, but they are still impressive to look at. Here are 26 extraordinary castles around the world that are still standing.

Castle Stakler inScotlands western highlands.

Castle Stalker is located on the west coast of Scotland, about 25 miles north of Oban and surrounded by water. It can bard to get there, but it’s a great tourist site.

Fyvie Castle, Schottland

Fyvie Castle is near the town if Turriff in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and is believed to have been built in 1211 by William the Lion.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK

Edinburgh Castle is a fortress that sets the skyline for Edinburgh, Scotland that is dated all the way back to the second century AD and was a stronghold for royals.


Mont st. Michel is located on the inland of Normandy, France and is located just about a half of a mile off the Northwest coast of France that was built in the 8th century.


Schwerin Castle is known as a palatial schloss that is in the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany in the Schweriner Sea and is a piece of romantic Historicism.


Hunyad Castle is also known as Corvin Castle and is one of the largest in all of Europe. It is also considered one of the seven wonders of Romania.


Whittington Castle is located in Shropshire, England and was originally built as a motte and bailey castle and then replaced in the 13th century.


Ross Castle is part of the Killarney National Park in Ireland, and it was built in the 15th century by O’Donoghue Mor to keep the edge of the country safe.

Dunnotar Castle near Stonehaven North East Scotland a popular tourist attraction.The castle was built on a high peninsula  known as pudding rock.

Dunnottar Castle is known in the Scottigh Gaelic language as the fort on the shelving slope that served an important part of Scotland’s defense during the Jacobite risings in the 18th century.

Crathes Castle #6, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Crathes Castle was built in the 16th century for the Burnetts of Leys, and the family called it their home for nearly four centuries, but now acts as a tourism spot in Scotland.


Craigievar Castle acted as the seat of the Clan Sempill and the Forbes Family who combined to live there for more than three centuries until the 1960’s, and it has a notable fairytale style.


Braemar Castle is right near the Aberdeenshire town in Scotland, and is now open to the public for viewing after being a stronghold for the Earls of Mar.

Balmoral Castle #3, Scotland

Balmoral Castle is also located near Aberdeenshire, and is still in use as one of the castles for the British royals, which was established as their residence in the 1850’s.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland is the only American castle on the list, and is currently a tourism spot in the world’s busiest amusement park.


Castillo de Coca is located in Segovia, Spain, and it was built on the site where Theodosius was born. It was populated by the Arevaca starting in the second century.


The Mortizburg Castle is a Baroque structure in Germany with four towers that was built in the 1500’s as a hunting lodge for the Duke of Saxony.


Peles Castle is located in Romania and was built in a Neo-Renaissance style for King Carol I during the mid 1800’s who desired the location.


Kilkenny Castle was built in the late 1100’s by William Marshal, the 1st Ear l of Pembroke as a point to easily stop between destinations in Ireland.


Hohenwerfen Castle is the highest elevated building in Werfen, Austria. In the Alps, the castle was built in the 11th century by order of Gebhard of Salzburg.


Osaka Castle is the only Japanese one on the list, and certainly the most unique. The castle was built in 1583 and was reconstructed to be a tourist spot after 300 years of use.


Chateau de Chambord is the most famous French Renaissance architectural marvel that was built in the 1500’s, taking nearly 30 years to complete from start to finish.


Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is a Romanesque feature that was built for a king that passed away before it was completed. Now it attracts more than 1 million visitors each year.


Malbork Castle is the largest in the world in terms of area, and it was built as a fortress during the 1400’s in Poland. It is also the largest brick castle in the entire world.


Corfe Castle is located above the county of Dorset in England that was built by William the Conqueror during the 11th century, and has undergone several changes.


Castel Hohenschwangau is one of the more modern castles on the list as a 19th century piece in Southern Germany that was the home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.


Castle Howard is the only one that is still in private use, taking 100 years to finish completion. The Howard family has lived there now for more than three centuries.

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