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19 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

This world is not free of wonders. That’s the same to human beings living around us. Today we are going to meet some amazing and actually unbelievable people.

Grand Canyon


This lady has some rather large assets! And they look pretty natural to us. While she may not have the carrying a lot of extra weight, she seems to be enjoying her time in the sun. Who doesn’t love a day at the beach?

Big Beshine


Enter Beshine! The lady who packs a real punch. Doesn’t her back hurt from all of that? Beshine has become an Internet sensation, and for good reason. Kudos to this lady for doing, or shall we saw owning, what she loves.

Beach Balls


According to the very few facts we can find out about this lady, those huge weights she’s carrying around are completely natural. Not like some of the others you’ll see in this list. She still seems to have a smile on her face, despite carrying out two giant beach balls.

The Woman With The Widest Hips


Mikel Ruffinelli became known as the woman with the widest hips in the world, measuring an extraordinary 2.4 meters in circumference! Despite her weighing a total of 420 pounds, Ruffinelli’s waist is only 40 inches wide – a very small size considering the width of her hips. The mother of four was nowhere near as big as she was before pregnancy; her body has a remarkable ability to expand after giving birth.

One Giant Foot


Woah! This lady is actually a giant foot! Okay, no, you’ve got us there. This photo was actually taken using a clever camera trick of moving very fast as the picture is taken. We’ve never met a real giant foot, complete with face.

Mega Melons


We’re not sure who this woman is and if her assets are real. She probably has some serious back pain all of the time.

Long Legged Lady


This woman is absolutely huge! We’re used to seeing men that are really tall, but Elisany da Cruz Silva is one of the biggest women we’ve ever seen. She is thought to be 6 foot and 8 inches tall, which is bigger than most men.

The Hairless Model


Once a top model, Gail Porter began slowly losing her hair at the young age of twenty-five. Instead of covering up her struggle with wigs and hair implants, Porter decided to be honest with her fans about her devastating disease called alopecia.

Corset Training


From the largest breasts in the world to the tiniest waist. This German lady has taken corset training to a whole new level, in order to have the smallest waist in the world. We bet she found the belly button challenge super easy.

Fang Teeth


Maria Jose Cristerna was just a regular girl before she decided that it was time to change her look. She completely changed her appearance with tattoos and other procedures, but the most significant change were here fanged-teeth. Most Americans seek out the best oral surgeons and professional dentists for straight teeth, braces, and dental implants. Cristerna, on the other hand, went to her local dentist for sharper, pointier teeth. Who knows how much dental surgery, veneers and braces it would take to get those teeth back to their straight form.

Longest Nails On A Female

guinness world records best bodies  The Dutchess nails

Christine Walton’s mad manicure puts all other women’s acrylic nails to shame with the longest fingernails on a woman’s pair of hands. The nails measure 11 feet long! Let’s hope this world record paid off because we’re pretty sure Walton can’t actually get anything done with this nail-do.

Widest Mouth Known To Man


If you still think you’ve got a big mouth, let us tell you one thing we’re certain about – you’ve got nothing on Francisco Domingo Joaquin! Joaquin broke the world record for having the widest mouth known to man, measuring in at 7 inches! The man can actually use a Coca-Cola can as his grill.

Longest Tongue In The World

guinness world records best bodies  Nick Stoeberi tongue

Nick Stoeberl, an artist and comedian from California, will impress you beyond belief. Stoeberl has the longest tongue in the world, measuring 10.1cm! You might think it’s freaky, but his partner definitely has no complaints. The only complaint from Nick himself is that it takes much longer to brush his tongue in the morning.

The Woman With Huge Legs


Mandy Sellars was diagnosed with proteus syndrome – a condition which results in huge lumps to develop on the skin tissue and deformation and thickening of bones. This rare syndrome is thought to have affected as few as 120 people worldwide. Sellars’ legs have become extremely large, weighing a whopping 95 kg and measuring one meter in circumference!

0% Body Fat

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - UNDATED: Tom Staniford at the Herne Hill Velodrome on June 20, 2013 in London, England. PRO cyclist Tom Staniford suffers from an incredibly rare condition, which means he looks anorexic, but to besotted girlfriend, Alice, heís just normal guy. The pair clicked instantly after meeting online three years ago and are now living together in London. Six ft three Tom, 24, is one of only eight people in the world with MDP syndrome ñ caused by a genetic mutation ñ and from the age of 12 has been unable to store fat under his skin. But he battled through incredible adversity to live a normal life with Alice, 23, and is now training to be a top Para cyclist. PHOTOGRAPH BY Ruaridh Connellan / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W

Tom Staniford, a professional cyclist from London, suffers from an incredibly rare condition – Myelodysplastic Preleukemic (MDP) syndrome – which means his body is unable to store any fat, resulting in him looking anorexic. Staniford’s girlfriend Alice says that despite him being one of the only eight people in the world with this condition, Tom is just a normal guy. They fought together for Tom to live a normal life, and he is now training to be a top para cyclist.

Human Eye Pop

guinness world records best bodies  Kim Goodmam eyeballs

Kim Goodman, who’s eyes can be seen popping just below, broke the world record with this little (but creepy) stunt! Goodman’s eye popping game is seriously strong – she can pop her peepers as far as 0.47 inches out of her eye sockets! As freaky as that is, it’s quite impressive.



Whatever you do, do not look at this woman straight in the eyes. We think she may turn you into stone. This photo was captured at a sports game by someone with a keen eye. Not that you could miss her, she stands out like a sore thumb.

Magnet Man


Imagine being this guy at a dinner party? He has real life magnetic powers that mean metal objects stick to him. You’d want to keep your knives and forks well away. Wouldn’t you? Apparently it has something to do with the stickiness of his skin. Gross.

Nice Lashes


We bet this guy doesn’t need to use fake eyelashes when he goes out for a night on the town. He has the world’s longest lashes and they make us feel a little bit sick. Why wouldn’t you trim them at least? Please, trim them.

Footside Down


Somewhere between the Mickey Mouse Club and her first album, Britney had her teeth fixed. Since then she has had her teeth repaired and fixed plenty of times. Over the years, she has had her teeth polished on a regular basis. We can always guess when she has a new album coming, that’s when she gets her teeth done!




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