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What You Should Know If You Travel To Dubai?!

Before you head out to this great city of wellness, you should learn some facts about it to spend really good time there!

Dressing Up

You probably know that you’re going to a Muslim country and have some idea what it’s like dealing with this kind of religion. If you want to visit some places of interest,  use transport and just be around native people, here’s what you should remember. Don’t show too much of your body, cover everything you can. I know that it’s hot there, but this is the first rule which every woman in Dubai follows. It’s fine to be dressed up open when you go to the beach. There’re a lot of foreign tourists and Dubai offers places for these people.


Dubai is rather crowded place. And if you’d like to enjoy the local cuisine don’t forget to book a place for yourself. There’re a lot of well-heeled people and to think in advance is good in Dubai.


If you go to a restaurant and ask for a glass of champagne, they will decline you. Restaurants in Dubai are not allowed to do it. Fortunately, if you’d like to refresh yourself with a glass or two, ask your hotel’s servant. Hotels serve this option and you easily can go to another one (except yours), even if you don’t stay there.


You won’t have any problems to reach your destination as there’re a plenty of taxis around Dubai. Luckily it’s not that expensive, so you shouldn’t be afraid to get a taxi.


In the Muslim world they pay a special attention to religion and prayers. So, don’t be afraid when at night you’ll hear the call to prayer, as this is one of the important part of Muslim’s religion and traditions.


If you get used to give some tips at the cafe or restaurant, it’s unnecessary to do in Dubai. But if you’d like to give some, go ahead!


Dubai is known for its great parties, clubs. You will be confused where to go and which one club to choose. They’re spreaded all over the city and usually located inside of the buildings.





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