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What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane Toilet Will Leave You Surprised

Stepped into a plane for the very first time? Don’t know how to use its toilet? Or pondering where does all the poop go?

Aha! This one is the perfect topic for me to work on. I’m so much in fond of poop that now people around me have started considering me as a poop expert. Anyway, let me not divert from the main agenda of the topic and let me focus on some interesting facts of pooping on a plane.

All your life, you kept on thinking where the hell those lumps of poop go? Well, for your knowledge, I should give a clue that it doesn’t fly or comes down.

Lol! Read the article and get to know the exact answer to it.

Do you have a fear of using a toilet in an aeroplane?


Did you say yes? Oh man, now, don’t tell me, you prefer taking out stuff in your pant itself just because you don’t know where will your poop go. *Laughter*

You must be imagining where those tons of poop are docked over?


Then, here is the perfect answer to your question. Your poop comes from your belly and goes to the plane’s belly. Isn’t it interesting?

Okay, I know I’m sounding ridiculous and it was just a joke, friends!


Let me not waste much of your time and directly reveal the secret.

Every plane has a number of tanks onboard to collect your waste.


When you flush out your poop, it goes into a suction tank or holding tank until it doesn’t cross its limit.

Yeah, homies.. You heard it right, holding tanks have their certain limit.


It’s important to shut the tanks once they are completely filled. Otherwise, if you cross that limitation, then you may drop your poop into someone’s house, car or probably on someone’s face. Ha-ha, just kidding! But yes, in past, we did hear of those instances too.

Want to know the exact quantity of a storage tank?


About 20 gallons of waste a single storage tank can hold and more than hundreds of gallons overall. This also results in reducing the number of passengers from every flight.

And once your plane lands down..


..the lavatory service truck is pulled out and hooked up with the receptacle on the bottom.

This is how yours and other passengers’ smelly poop come out.


It smells as tacky as it looks.

Friends, this was all about the poop traveling with us in the plane.


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