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Natural Remedies Against Snoring!

Here are the ways to stop the lovely noise!

Have you ever slept in the same room with a person who snores like an orchestra? And now imagine how does it feel like to sleep with somebody like that next to you, hugging and making this concert right into your ear. Here are the ways to stop the serenade at least for a while:

Change the sleeping position. If you sleep on the back, your tongue and soft palate go the back wall of your throat which makes this strange vibrating sound. Maybe you should try sleeping on your side?

Weight loss. It doesn’t mean that slim people don’t snore, they do, that’s why this way helps only for some people. If you got some weight and started to snore (and you have never done it before) the extra kilos might be a reason. The extra weight around your neck squeezes the throat which leads to collapsing during the sleep.

Alcohol abuse. It has a major effect on the resting tone of the muscles in the back of the throat. Have you noticed that your snoring is even worse if you had a drinking party before going to bed?

Nasal Passages. In some cases the snoring starts not in the throat but in the nose!! You need to keep your nasal passages open in order for the air to move with no obstacles. If there is something in the nose or you caught the cold, the air moving fast in and out can cause the snoring sound.

Wrong pillows. You might have some allergens in the pillows that cause a snoring effect. Maybe it is time to buy new ones or at least wash the old ones?


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