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How To Get Better Sex?

According to the statistics almost 70% of females and 25% of males say about faking feeling of orgasm.

Telling the truth, it’s really unhealthy. What do you do for your partner to have a proper orgasm? If you are suffering some problems in your sexual life, you can read the following to fix them:

Tell About A Desire

If your partner tells about a faking feeling of orgasm, you’d better be really supportive in such a situation. You should willingly tell him or her of being ready to do everything to explore all the wants and wishes. Be sure, such a step will contribute to your relationship.

Make It Different

It’s important to make your sexual life really versatile. It shouldn’t be only an intercourse. Try to include masturbation and various observations. These things will help you much and bring a lot of satisfaction, while being tired and exhausted. It can also fire up the relationship between you.

Sex Toys

Sex toys quite an interesting moment in having sex. In order to experience orgasm, women need some clitoral stimulation. One can find various toys for this stimulation. You can get a lube, made of really safe material. For some it will help preventing pain during intercourse. You can also use coconut oil during plays.

Sexy Chat

Chatting sexy is a wonderful way to make you both relaxed. Make compliments to your partner about his or her appearance or the way of kissing, whatever, make up something.  Tell what you want and explain how.

Be Active

In order to get the most of satisfaction from sex, you should be really very relaxed. Your parent wouldn’t feel great, if you are tense. Show your contentment about having sex with the person. Tell that you miss him or her…



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