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10 Amazing Holiday Bento Boxes and Themed Lunches for Kids

Rudolph Bento Box


Imagine the delight on your little one’s face after finding the most famous reindeer of all nestled snugly in a compact bento box with tart cherries, crunchy carrots, and fluffy white marshmallows.

A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bento box is one of the easiest Christmas lunches to create. You don’t need any special tools or weird ingredients, but you will need a high-quality kitchen knife or cookie cutter to cut the reindeer’s face, ears, and hat out. Decorative toothpicks with Christmas designs are a plus, but you can make this bento box without them if you want.

After you cut out the pieces of the reindeer, top them with marshmallows and colorful sprinkles. Halved marshmallows with mini chocolate chips or olive pieces make great eyeballs, and you can make the mouth out of cheese, rye bread, or deli meat.

Snowman Bento Box    


Do you want to build a snowman…in your little one’s lunchbox? This festive snowman bento box is a cute idea to try around Christmas, Hanukkah, or winter break.

Cut out the snowman’s body with a sharp knife or snowman cookie cutter. Top with mini blue M&Ms or cake toppings, and adorn with candy eyes, a tiny carrot nose, and a Babybel wrapper nose. Use slivered chocolate, fruit leather, apple peels, or beef jerky for the snowman’s hat and scarf.

Look for holiday-themed foods to pair with the snowman sandwich, such as snowman-shaped fruit snacks or marshmallows. Sprinkle snowflake candies around the plate or bento box, and include a snowflake toothpick decoration.

Christmas Tree Bento Box    


Create a healthy but festive lunch for your child when you make this Christmas tree bento box. A spinach wrap gives the tree its light green hue, while a stick of string cheese provides a sturdy stand. Sliced mini carrots make excellent ornaments, and a mini cucumber star tops the tree.

You can create these shapes by hand, but it will probably be easier to use Christmas tree cookie cutters and star cookie cutters to make this holiday bento box.

Love Birds Bento Box  


Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and these two adorable lovebirds prove it. This bento box is easy to make, and it’s a creative alternative to the heart-filled lunches other kids will be bringing to school around this time.

Cut the hearts out of the backs of the apples perched below the birds, and make the birds’ noses out of the same cheese you used to top the sandwiches. Orange peppers left over from last night’s stirfry dinner make excellent legs, and you can create the eyes out of black olives or mini chocolate chips.

Leprechaun Bento Box      


You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate this awesome leprechaun bento box this St. Patrick’s Day. Shredded carrots make a colorful beard, and sliced carrots or sharp cheddar create the bangs. A tiny container of popcorn topped with a gold coin sits below a rainbow of fruit slices.

String cheese sliced into circles are all you need for the pot of gold, and green apples topped with fruit leather or beef jerky make a great hat.

Easter Bunny Bento Box    


Okay, so this isn’t a full bento box, but we wanted to show you a close-up picture of an Easter Bunny from a bento box. This tasty bunny is made from sliced ham and cheese, then topped with chives, black olive eyes, and a small amount of jelly.

If you prefer, you can use ketchup instead of jelly and turkey instead of ham.

July 4th Bento Box  


Let your kiddo chow down on this patriotic bento box before the fireworks begin. Mini alphabet cookie cutters make it simple to spell out “USA” from a slice of cheese, and juicy berries and cantaloupe replicate the red, white, and blue found on a traditional American flag.

Back-to-School Bento Box


Celebrate many parents’ favorite holiday – the first day of the school year – with this fun back-to-school bento box. Peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread provides protein to keep your child alert during math class, while sliced cheese gives your kiddo plenty of calcium.

Halloween Bento Box    


A spooky mummy and Frankenstein await your child in this awesome Halloween bento box. Guacamole gives Frankenstein his signature green glow, while sliced mozzarella or coconut pieces create the white strips of the mummy.

Thanksgiving Bento Box  


Gobble, gobble…this turkey right on up! Lettuce fanned out beneath a circle-shaped sandwich creates a bold array of feathers, and cut cheese makes a cute face for your edible turkey.



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