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Top 10 Futuristic Gadget Concepts

The Tulip Bath/Shower


This futuristic cleansing unit is the future of baths. The Tulip is meant to be a perfect solution for small houses. The structure of this pod allows it to transform according to your wishes. If you want to take a shower, just step into the pod and close the clear wall behind you.

If you’d prefer to take a bath – it opens into a bath. The best thing about it is that it’s transformable. So if you don’t have a lot of space but still would like to enjoy baths instead of just taking showers – this futuristic gadget is for you. As a bonus this futuristic gadget also has hydro-massage nozzles, that will help you to further relax and enjoy your bath time.

The Bio Robot Refrigerator


Today’s methods of cold storage occupy a great deal of space. The Bio Robot Refrigerator has no need for doors, drawers or even a motor, which means there’s more space for it’s intended purpose – storage. This futuristic gadget is supposed to be filled with non-sticking, odorless gel that will morph around groceries to keep them cool.

This means that there’s no need for shelves, therefore you can fit more stuff into the fridge. Another wonderful thing about this gadget is that it can be hung vertically, horizontally or ever suspended from the ceiling if that’s what you want.

The MAB Automated Cleaning System


This futuristic cleaning gadget is designed to make your life a lot easier. It does pretty much everything for you. MAB will give a magical feeling to your daily routines through hundreds of flying mini-robots. This automated cleaning gadget scans the house, determines the area in which to clean and sends the robots flying.

Surfaces get simply cleaned with touch of a drop of water. Afterwards the mini robots fly back to the main station to rest and re-charge. This amazing cleaning gadget is so impressive it won the Electrolux Design Lab, and all of us, lazy people who hate cleaning are hoping that this becomes a reality in the near future.

Flexible smartphones


Modern gadgets seem to be getting smaller and thinner every day. With this in mind Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata designed a concept “fluid” smartphone for Philips. The basic idea behind this gadget is that it uses flexible OLED displays that would give you all the functions of the normal smartphone but a lot more flexibility.

Ideally you should be able to wrap your new gadget around your wrist like fashionable bracelet. That way you get the best of both worlds. A futuristic piece of jewelry and you have easy access to your phone. Surely this way you won’t miss any calls.



Memory is a futuristic coffee making machine. This gadget uses your hand print to make you a perfect cup of coffee. Most of us are very groggy and sleepy in the morning and we don’t have the energy to make a perfect coffee, so what do we do? Go to Starbucks.

With this futuristic gadget all you have to do it put your hand onto the display and the machine will make the coffee for you. It’s especially handy for big families where everyone likes different things. No more shouting across the house about how much milk or sugar you want in your coffee. Just place the hand on the display and your perfect coffee is ready.

Future Internet Search


The future of personal gadgets might look just like this. The idea behind this is that you will have a transparent display that can capture the images that you point it at and give you all the necessary information you need. For example if you point this gadget at a plate of food it can look up the nutritional value of the food and tell you how many calories you will be consuming.

If you point this gadget at a building it can tell you how tall it is, what is it called and how many floors it has. If you point it at a monument it will give you all the back story you need. But probably the best thing about it is that if you’re lost you can use it as GPS and it will literally lead you through the streets to your destination point. And you won’t have to keep looking around. The screen is clear, just hold it in front of you.



Bluesmart is a perfect gadget for people who travel a lot. It’s the world’s first smart carry on suitcase. It connects to your smartphone. This gadget features a digital lock, proximity sensors, location tracking, a built in digital scale and a built in battery that can fully charge your phone 6 times. You will never have to worry that you over packed your suitcase and they’ll make you unpack it in the airport.

Just pull the handle and you’ll know exactly how much your suitcase weights. you also never have to remember lock combinations again, you can lock and open it with your smartphone and as a bonus it also automatically locks itself as soon as you leave it’s side. So you can leave it alone and go grab a coffee if you want, you’ll be able to track it’s location with the app.

Luna Bed


Luna Bed is a revolutionary gadget. It’s a bed that will make you sleep better. You can’t surprise anyone with sleep tracking apps, but what about sleep tracking beds? Not only can you sync in with your phone and track your sleeping cycles. Luna bed will automatically earn your sleeping patterns and your usual bedtime. So just before you get into bed it will automatically warm it to the optimal temperature so you could fall asleep easier and more comfortable.

It will also change the temperature throughout the night according to your needs. Luna bed also has an option of having different temperatures on different sides of the bed, in case you and your partner have different preferences.



Hipsters are taking over the world and vintage things are coming back. The strange thing is that it’s not only happening in fashion. It’s not just clothes and accessories and haircuts. It’s also technology. We’ve already seen the Polaroids come back. But when it comes to technology, going back in time makes no sense. Why would you want to carry around an old Polaroid? Yes, instantly printed pictures are cool, but do you really need a separate gadget for that? Prynt is the solution to this problem.

This brilliant gadget is just a phone case. It’s that simple. It’s a smart phone case that can instantly print pictures. How is it better than a Polaroid? First of all it’s way smaller and fits onto your phone. Secondly you have the option of either printing the photos instantly or you can take a few and pick the best out of those. That way you don’t have to waste a bunch of slides for a perfect picture.

Sonte Windows


Sonte film is a user friendly WiFi enabled digital shade. This futuristic gadget can basically replace curtains. You can retrofit this film onto any glass or window that you want and then control the levels of transparency with your phone. So for example in the morning you can set it to maximum transparency, because you want as much light as possible.

Perhaps at lunchtime the sun might get too bright, so you could make the windows less transparent without completely closing the blinds. And in the evening or when you want privacy you can just make the windows non-transparent at all. And you do all on your phone. Isn’t that amazing?



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