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The 10 Stupid Things that People Have Done after Winning the Lottery

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Hitting the multi-million dollar jackpot is the ultimate dream for every individual but some people really don’t deserve to win all that money. Just imagine what you can do with all that money? The things that you could buy and the places that you could travel to are just limitless. It doesn’t matter what your principles are about life, deep down in your heart, you know that money holds the key to improving your life and bringing happiness in your life.

This is why so many people dream big on the national lottery and stand in lines to buy a lottery ticket, which just may give them the chance to win the jackpot. The odds of winning the multi-million dollar jackpot stand at 1 in 171 million people, so the person that wins all that money would be incredibly privileged and lucky. If you’re really feeling lucky this year, you should try and bet on Spain’s Christmas lottery, known as the Sorteo Exraordinario de Navidad. The Jackpot prize for this lottery reached a staggering $941.8 million, which was just shy of becoming a billionaire!

However, there are some people who lost all rationale after winning the jackpot and end up making dumb decisions that they will regret for the rest of their lives. So here are some of the dumb things that some winners of the multi-million dollar jackpot have done throughout the years.

Going to a Strip Club – Jack Whittaker, $315 million


In 2002, a contractor from West Virginia famously won $315 million dollars in the Powerball lottery. His name was Jack Whittaker and he absolutely lost it when he found out that he won the jackpot. So how did he decide to spend all that money? Jack visited a strip club, where to no one’s surprise; $545,000 of his money was stolen!

Getting Your Ticket Stolen – Etta May Urquhart, $51, million


One of the biggest jackpots in recent years was the $51 million jackpot that was claimed by Etta May Urquhart. She had been trying her luck in the lottery in California for more than 18 years, until she finally hit the big time! She was so stunned by her amazing fortune that she couldn’t stop shaking when the time came to claim her prize. She asked her son, Ronnie Orender, to sign the ticket and claim the winnings for her. Her son had other plans, as he claimed the ticket as his own and was awarded the entire prize money. He went on a spending spree of 10 cars and 4 houses, whilst Urquhart has sued her son for abuse and fraud.

Holding Demolition Derbies in the Backyard – Michael Carroll, $15 million


When Michael Carroll hit the big jackpot in 2002 in England, he gained a reputation pretty quick and was even called the ‘lotto lout’ by the media. He won $15 million and bought loads of cars and houses, which is all fine and well, but he also used to hold demolition derbies in his own backyard. Apparently he had a weakness for women and also got addicted to drugs. Michael was jailed twice after winning the jackpot and expressed his regret at wasting his winnings on drugs, but he felt no regret over spending it over winning.

Gamble the Money Away – Evelyn Adams, $5.4 million


If you had just won the lottery, people would assume that you have all the luck in the world, but that wasn’t the case for Evelyn Adams. The incredible part is that Evelyn managed to win the lottery in New Jersey twice in successive years in the mid 1980’s. Her total winnings were around $5.4 million, but she pushed her luck too much and lost almost all of her money whilst gambling in Atlantic City. She was also pretty generous when it came to handing out money, and gave it to anyone that asked her for some. Evelyn Adams is now broke and lives in a trailer.

Drug Abuse – Willie Hurt, $3.1 million


Willie Hurt, won $3 million dollars in the lottery in Michigan, in 1980, and it helped him turn his life around. However, it wasn’t in a good way, since Hurt got divorced shortly after winning the lottery and he got addicted to crack cocaine. He used up nearly all of his money to support his addiction and in 2 years, by 1991, he was broke and was facing a ton of court cases, which include murdering a woman over cocaine.

Unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery – Callie Rogers, $3 million


Callie Rogers was only 16, when she won the lottery in England, and it looked like a case of having too much too soon. The teenager immediately decided to have breast implants and bought several homes and got addicted to drugs of course. She used to go on luxurious vacations and didn’t care about the money she spent. Callie had won $3 million and blew all of her winnings in just 6 years. Once all her money was gone she went back to living with her mom, and has twice tried to commit suicide as well.

Helping Steal a Car – John Ross, Jr., $2 million


When John Ross Jr. won $2 million in the lottery in California in 2012, he announced that the first thing that he would do would be to own his own car. He was already 29 years old and he regretted the fact that he had never owned a vehicle in his life. Only 3 months after winning the lottery, he was implicated in a stolen car case. Ross was accused of helping to repair and hide a vehicle that had been stolen by Skila Ann Hickman.

Forgetting about the Ticket – Ron Yurcus, $1 million


Ron Yurcus was a former chaplain in a hospice in Illinois. Both him and his wife did a lot of charity work and were regulars at buying lottery tickets. It became so regular that when they used to buy a ticket they would leave it lying around on their desk, without checking if they had won. So when in November 2012, when Ron cleaned his table to make room for the new computer he had bought, he found dozens of lottery tickets on the table. He decided to check if he had won in any of the tickets, and it turns out that he just won a million dollars 3 months earlier.

Putting the Ticket in the Trash Bin – Joseph and Joanne Zagami, $ 1 million


The Zagamis went for grocery shopping on a summer day in Masschusetts and bought a lottery ticket from a vending machine. It only cost them $5 dollars and all they had to do was scratch and find out if they had the winning numbers. They put the ticket in their bag and completely forgot about it, and guess what? They threw it the bin after cleaning out the bag. However, they remembered the ticket the next day and dug out the ticket from the trash. It was a good thing they did do that, since they managed to win a million dollars. However, they only got $455,000 dollars after taxes.

Asking Someone Else to Claim the Prize – Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, $750,000


You should never ask someone to go get your lottery ticket, but Jose Antonio Cua-Toc was a Guatemalan native who had been living in the United States illegally. He won the lottery in Georgia, but he feared that if he went to claim the money the authorities might catch and deport him. So he asked his boss to get the money for him. His boss went and claimed all the money, after telling the authorities that it was his ticket and he had asked Jose to buy it for him.



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