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Best Prom Dress Styles For Different Body Types



Do you have a slim frame and are looking for a perfect prom dress style? For slender body types, the best prom dresses are the ones that enhance their thin look, making them look long and lean. With a physique that is not too busty or apple-like, you should go for slim-fitted dresses. It can be a knee high dress that makes your legs look longer.

An asymmetric neckline also goes well for such body types and throwing a belt around your waist makes it much more appealing, giving the right enhancement to your slim figure. And if you are not up for a short dress, then you can go for a long dress with a slit. A slit will make your figure much curvier and will make your legs look sexier.



If you have a tiny figure, then the best thing you could do is show-off. For petite framed bodies, the last thing you’d want to do is drown yourself in a full-length gown, covering every inch of your skin. That’s a big no-no for those who have a small figure. So, if you want to make all jaws drop on prom night, the best thing to do is to choose a small dress that shows off your legs and that gorgeous neckline and shoulders.

But not everyone is up for a dress with a small hemline, which is why you have the option of choosing a short gown that is just a little below the knee. Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid opting for too many textures and fabrics.



Busty girls struggle the most picking the right prom dress because they want a dress that not only offers complete support for their heavy upper body, but also gives their entire figure a more balanced look. The best way to make your busty figure look flawless in a prom dress is to choose the one that puts focus on your hemline.

While choosing a dress for this body type, your aim should be to go for an hourglass look. This means that you should be looking for dresses that add to the curves, especially your hips. The waist also needs to be much defined. You can also go for dresses that show off your sexy legs, but don’t go too short as it might end up making your body look top-heavy and totally unbalanced.



Girls with an hourglass figure need to worry the least as most of the dresses will fit them perfectly. But if you want to go for something sexy, make sure it accentuates your jaw-dropping curves in the most gorgeous way. For this figure type, you will need to choose dresses that are fitted from the top to your waist. Because that’s the only way you can put your enviable figure on display.

Choose a gown that hugs your figure. A mermaid gown is a great option for this body type as it beautifully enhances the best curves. And if you want to show-off those long legs, choose a dress with a slit. Hiding those perfect curves is not a good idea for anyone with an hourglass figure. For an hourglass body type, you can choose any neckline you desire. Because your figure is perfectly proportionate, any dress that enhances your assets will do well. Whether it is a deep V-neck dress that shows off your cleavage or a wrap dress, anything would work for you. But you need to be careful to not choose too many prints and fabrics that hide your beautiful curves.



A typical apple body is the one with slim legs, a shorter waist (not clearly defined), and a bulky middle. For such body types, you need dresses that are A-line or have the ability to keep your middle less highlighted. If you have an apple figure, you can also go for dresses that show off your leaner legs. Flared fabric dresses with a thigh high slit put the entire attention on the legs. But if you are not comfortable showing off your legs, you can choose a floor length gown or the one with a tail.

Empire waist dresses can be great for such a figure as they put all the attention to the bust. The ones that are fitted from the bust and flared from below work quite well. Flowing gowns and flared dresses is the best way to go for an apple body. Strapless necklines can also be great for accentuating your shoulders and neckline. It is better to stay away from belts because they enhance the waist area.



For a pear shaped body, you need to find prom dresses that highlight your bust area and camouflage everything beneath the waist. The perfect prom dress for a pear body shape is a long skit that has flares that hide the bulky hips and thighs. A ball gown would look great on a pear body as it will have the perfect fitted look from the top and a flowy look from the waist down.

Your main aim should be to go for a gown or dress that accentuates your upper body. Bring all the attention to your bust instead of your waist or your hips. A dress with bejeweled neckline or heavily embellished bust will do well. Another way to highlight your bust and neckline is to wear some accessories. A beaded necklace would do well in this case.

Because your bust and waist is beautifully shaped, you need a dress that enhances your best assets and hides the ones that are bulkier. A strapless dress also works well, but only if it has an A-line cut that doesn’t fit under the waist.




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