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8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean Windows On A Cloudy Day    


Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day is a cardinal rule that all homeowners should abide by and follow to the tee. What will happen if they do fail to follow the rule? Well, they will certainly make things harder on themselves for starters.

By cleaning your windows on a sunny day, you will encounter the problem of having your cleaning solution dry up quickly. This will leave streaks on your windowpanes.

Here are the simple steps to clean your windows: use a dust brush to vacuum the sills, window frames, and screens, attach a sponge to the squeegee and dip into warm water, containing dishwashing liquid, clean the top left corner, dragging the sponge to the right, and use a chamois to dry up the window’s edges.

Do not clean on a sunny day, but clean your windows on a cloudy day for a thorough cleaning.

Sweep The Indoors And Outdoors


Most homeowners make the mistake of using the same broom for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Another mistake they make is buying the wrong broom. To clean the indoors, they need to opt for a broom with finer bristles. For the outdoors, they need one with stiffer and stronger bristles.

If you are still unable to get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt effectively, you may be holding the broom wrong. Place one hand on the broom’s handle and the other in its center. Sweep the floor by pushing your hands in opposite directions.

Sweep the floor from the outside in to ensure you get all the spots and bring it to the center of the room so you can gather and throw it away easily.

Wash The Towels  


To wash your towels, you need to include 1/4 cup of vinegar to your wash cycle or place two brand new tennis balls into the dryer to eliminate the need to place dryer sheets and static electricity. Both of these tricks will soften the fabric as well. Next up is washing your clothes.

To save money on your electricity bills, you use cold water, but when it comes to washing towels, sheets, and undergarments, you should use hot water.

By placing your clothes immediately in the dryer, you can prevent the growth of bacteria.

Prevent Buildup On Shower Doors With Lemon Oil  


Lemon oil has many benefits, but the one we are interested in right now is its ability to remove and eliminate buildup on shower doors. Lemon oil will return the sparkle and shine to your shower doors.

Take one teaspoon of lemon oil, rubbing it on your shower doors two times each month. This will case the water to bead and drip down.

You should purchase a bottle of lemon oil to keep with your bathroom cleaning supplies if you do not have one. Once you start applying lemon oil to your shower doors, you will notice a huge difference.

Leave Shoes Outside Of The Door  


Instruct your children to leave their muddy and dirty shoes outside of the house before entering through the door. They can pick up their shoes in their hands and place them in a basket designated for dirty shoes.

Once inside the house, they can slip in their slippers. You need to make sure they do not leave the house wearing their indoor slippers.

Making strict rules will eliminate the amount of scrubbing and cleaning you will have to do each day. Applying this same rule to guests may make you come off as rude. Make the rule for your children and you only.

Disinfect Your Sink


Make a habit of buying and using cleaning products with an EPA label. Additionally, you can create your own cleaning product. In two separate spray bottles, you need to pour hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Just make sure you do not combine them together or spray one after another.

First, you need to use soap and water to clean the sink, spray vinegar, and then after a few seconds, spray hydrogen peroxide. Allow the ingredients to dry.

For stainless steel sinks, use a soft cloth soaked with a couple of drops of mineral oil and buff to make it sparkle and shine.

Remove Dishwasher Stains    


Once in a week, you can clean your dishwasher to eliminate stains and food stuck in its edges. On a damp sponge, sprinkle baking soda and clean to remove the stains and food from the edges.

You can clean the inside of the dishwasher machine by using a cleaning product designed to eliminate bacteria such as E.coli. Next, you need to run an empty cycle.

In the winters, you need to add 3 tablespoons of bleach to eliminate the bacteria. You can add bleach during a normal rinse cycle to sanitize the dishes. If you want to clean your dishwasher more than one time during the week, you can.

Clean The Toilet  


Tang, the fruity and enjoyable drink, now has another purpose. It is a nontoxic and effective toilet cleaner. The citric acid in Tang works like a scrubber. All it takes is one teaspoon of the fruity drink to get the job the done.

After a few minutes, use a toilet brush to swish in and out of the toilet and flush. If you are worried about toilet water splashing over you or on the ground, you can use the toilet brush, pushing it in and out, to decrease the water level.

You can purchase sachets of Tang if no one in the house is a fan of the drink.



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