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The Most Haunting Abandoned Places You Will See Abandon places exist all over the world, but not all of them are frightening.

Where’s Our Indiana Jones Hat?

When we hear the word “abandoned” we apply a spooky quality to whatever we’re talking about. But that isn’t always the case. Like in the following, where seeing these abandoned places only makes us want to get out and discover more.

Pictured: A temple caves of Borneo, Indonesia


Greek Monasteries

Called Meteora (which translates to “in the heavens above”), this is a grouping of six monasteries found high on the cliffs of Thessaly.


Frozen Bubbles

When methane releases from beneath Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, they freeze in lower temperatures creating picturesque moments like this.


A Lovely Railway

Named the Tunnel of Love, this working railway can be found in Klevan, Ukraine.


Down In The Swamp

In Florida, would-be explorers can find many abandoned mansions such as this one.


A Floating Forest

Travelers in Sydney, Australia should swing by Homebush Bay to see this 102-year-old shipwreck that sprouted a tiny forest.


The Once Beautiful Hotel

Found in Colombia, the Hotel del Salto bustled with activity in its prime. Built n 1928, tourists would visit to see Colombia’s beautiful Tequendama Falls, located nearby. Then the falls became contaminated, and business dwindled until the hotel was abandoned.






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