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Stop What You’re Doing, You Can Now Buy Weed Infused Nutella

Calling all weed smokers, are you ready to have your minds completely blown? Because someone has just magicked up possibly the greatest invention of the 21st century. Yes, greater than Facebook. Yes, greater than the hoverboard. Yes, possibly even greater than the see-through toaster – the toast mecca that allows you to perfect the amount of browning. Okay, maybe I am getting a little carried away here, or maybe I am just high AF. Just kidding, it’s a Tuesday afternoon.

Ladies and gents I introduce to you Chrontella. The remarkable combo of Nutella and weed. Genius, right?


I am sure you are all aware of why this mixture of Mary Jane and mouthwatering chocolate spread is pure perfection. But if not, it’s because it cuts out the middle man – meaning that when your munchies kick in, you do not have to move a finger to satisfy them. Well, you only have to move your finger between the jar and your mouth.

However, before you all get too exited, you should probably hear what part of the world you have to be in to get your mitts on a jar …


Yes, you guessed it, this glorious concoction is only being sold over in Canada. “Noooooo!” I hear you cry.

If, like me, you live over the pond in the UK then I am afraid you are going to have to take a little trip to get your hands on a jar – which costs $23 (£15.89) a pop.

Nowadays, eating Nutella straight from the jar has become a sort of subcultural ritual, which more often than not starts with a feeling of satisfaction and ends with the consumer feeling pretty sick. Although the worst thing that can happen from engulfing its entire contents is that you’ll gain a few (dozen) pounds, this may not be the case with Chrontella – as each tub contains a staggering 300 mg of cannabis swirled through it.


Mens Journal recently reported that the recommended amount of THC you need to give you a “good buzz” is 10 to 30 mg. Therefore, depending on your tolerance, one spoonful is probably enough.

I think it’s a pretty ingenious innovation, but how has the ultimate wake and bake breakfast gone down elsewhere?


As expected, the pot-laced creation has been welcomed with open arms (and hazy eyes) by the bud loving community. The manager of Canadian Qualimeds Dispensary, Jamie Carlton, told VICE: “It’s taken the cannabis community by storm. It’s not just a cookie. Now I can medicate with my morning toast.”

Although everyone is losing their minds over this particular weed-infused edible, it is not the first. There is a whole plethora of interesting new products out there – including cannabis-laced peanut butter, which was dreamt up by the same guys who brought us Chrontella.


It’s no secret that a large portion of the Canadian community really wants marijuana to be legalised. With liberal politicians paving the way for potential change – they have stated that they will legalise, regulate and restrict access, giving reefer fanatics high hopes.

Whatever your stance is on pot-laced treats, I think it’s fair to say that there is a large number of people out there who would love to get their hands on some. However, as I stated before, it could be a while before Chrontella leaves Canada and goes global. But if it does, that would be pretty dope.








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