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You Can Now Decide Who Will Run Your Facebook After You Die

Control your Facebook profile from beyond the grave

Previously when a Facebook user died their page would be frozen. Now, Facebook offers several different options that will help you decide the fate of you account, should you pass away.


The “Legacy Contact”

One of the new options that Facebook is introducing is called the “Legacy Contact.” This contact has the power to change the deceased’s cover and profile images, respond to new friend requests, and write a memorial post. They will also be allowed to download an archive of public photos, posts, and profile information.



The legacy contact will not be able to read the deceased’s private messages or delete his/her account. The contact will not be able to log on to Facebook as the deceased either.


If you don’t like the idea of a legacy contact, there are other choices

You don’t have to specify a legacy contact if you don’t want to, there are other options available. In the same settings where you would designate a legacy contact, you can also choose to delete the account entirely, or freeze the account.


High five!

So, do you feel motivated to take control over the future of your account yet? Copy this link for the full details and instructions on how to change your settings:



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