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Shocking Stories Of Mysterious Time -Travelers From Other Dimensions

Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions: It’s weird that there might be a proof of other dimensions and versions of Earth, but what’s weird is that you can be accidentally transported to another one without warning. What do you think about this and if you could go to another dimension, what would you want to find? What if you’re accidentally transported to a strange land, where people look completely different from us?

Green Children.


In the middle ages, two rare children, a brother, and a sister mysteriously came in the village of Woolpit in rural England. The pair was reportedly found in a wolf pit wearing strange clothing, speaking an unknown language, and having green-colored skin. Brought to the village, both hid and refused to eat anything for many days before discovering and eagerly collecting raw beans. The young boy was ill and died. But the other girl slowly recovered, lost her green color, and learned to speak English. She was eventually able to converse that she had come from a land of Twilight called St. Martin, where the sun never raised and everything was dipped in Green. The young girl’s arrival from the exotic land remained mysterious. However, she could only remember tending to a group of cattle with her brother before hearing a high audible sound.

Man from Taured.


During 1954, a strange European man accidently arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in possession of a never before seen passport. The man claimed to be from a country of Taured and became nervous when he found Andorra in its place on World Map. All his business documents proved to be fake, but the passport appeared real with stamps of all the airports around the world. Curiously, the passport had 5 years of stamps from Tokyo though Haneda only opened to international flights in 1952. The man knew several languages, had European currencies and claiming the existence of Taured for centuries. When the authorities were verifying the documents, the man disappeared from the place he was kept.



In 1803, Number of Japanese sources recollected the strange arrival of an attractive young lady in the sea near Hitachi.The local fisherman found her in a metal sinister hollow boat which had transparent crystal windows.The young woman had pale white skin with bright red hair, speaking a typical language which could not be understood. She had a square box which she nervously clutched in her palms.

Jophar Vorin.


It is a story of a stranger who appeared in the April 15th, 1851 issue of British Journal. This stranger used to call himself Jophar Vorin. He was found roaming in a small village near Frankfurt, in Germany, with no idea about the place he arrived. He used to speak broken German, along with two unknown languages “Laxarian” and “Abramian”. Plus he represented a country called “Laxaria” in the world of “Sakria”, bifurcated from Europe via vast ocean. He claimed the he traveled Europe in order to search his lost brother.



In 1863, an unknown man scrubbed around the beach of Sandy Cove. Nova Scotia, missing both of his legs from a recent amputation did not understand any of the major languages, but he was muttering a name sounding like “Jerome”. He could not represent his identity, but locals around there remember spotting a mysterious ship like vehicle. Jerome silently passed the remaining days of his life except for one odd incident. There is a report of seeing two mysterious women, finely dressed who visited & took Jerome in private.They had a communication in an unknown language. They disappeared quickly like the mysterious way they came.





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