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The Truth About Tattoos

#1 The Meaning Of Tats

Want to know why there are some of us still holding out with NOT jumping on the tattoo bandwagon? “Below” happens WAY too often.


#2 Chinese People & Tats

Who knows with the Chinese population being the largest and steadily growing ALL over the world. . . One day everyone may wear “lame English words”..


#3 Grandpappy Tats

That’s right, the hipsters today will someday be old and wrinkly. . . Then what? Thankfully, by then they won’t care.


#4 Tattoo Placements & Locations

Who knew each spot on the body has a tattoo significance and can be “read”? What’s the next thing in tattoo body readings?. . . Personal tattoo astrology..


#5 Tats & Pain

This is an amazing chart BUT we bet you won’t find it in a tattoo saloon. They wouldn’t sell much business.


#6 We’ve Gone Tribal!

Wow, a whooping 40% of 20 to 40 year-olds sport tattoos?! And surprise, this is not polynesia!


#7 Birthing Class?

So this dude would rather go to a birthing class rather than get a tat on the “red” areas of his bod? Serious? . . Thankfully dudes don’t birth babies.





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