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Giant Redback Spider Catches A Snake… The End Is Horrible (Video)

We really don’t get to (nor we want to) see spiders and snakes fighting in our garages or basements, but that is not a choice if you live in Australia.

The son of a West Australian woman Jamii-Leigh Marwick found a spider attacking a brown snake in their shade and for sure decided to film it. The video will give you chills for sure.

The YouTube description reads:

‘A battle between two of Australia’s most venomous creatures has unfolded in a woman’s backyard shed, and ended in an unlikely outcome.

West Australian mother-of-three Jamii-Leigh Marwick said her son Eamon found a deadly eastern brown snake caught in the web of a dangerous red back spider on Sunday.

Footage shows the juvenile snake – one of the most venomous in Australia – whipping back and forth as it tried to free itself from the strong web of its opponent.’

A giant female redback spider and a deadly brown crossed their paths

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And apparently, the Australian redback spider didn’t like the venomous snake


So the spider caught the snake, liquefied it and drank its venom too!


“Ms. Marwick said in the end while she was trying to rescue the reptile, before she realized how dangerous it was, she actually killed it.”

The snake tried to rescue but failed..


“In my attempt to save him… I accidentally dropped a jar on the poor bloke and he didn’t survive.”

Probably the most Australian thing one has ever seen..


“The spider is now also no longer a threat.”

This isn’t a rare thing in Australia..


Just last month Jennifer Fox stumbled upon snakes in Dongara, Western Australia


Here’s the complete video:



That is all of us after watching the video!




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