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AUDIO: 5 Heartbreaking Last Words of Pilots Caught on Tape

WARNING: These audio recordings are graphic and may be troubling for some.

There is something about human nature that compels us to know and understand what is going through someone’s mind when they know they are going to die. In the case of pilots and their passengers about to crash, some are given a block of time in which they can share last words and contemplate their last moments.

It is quite common after planes have crashed for emergency and clean-up crews to come across notes and letters that have been inscribed on cocktail napkins, in journals, and on other objects. in the case of the above video, pilots were able to share insights and thoughts as captured by audio recorders.

Yes, this topic is troubling, but there is something we can all learn by what was rolling through their minds in their last moments. Just maybe their words will make us reflect on the fact that we need to make the most of every second.



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