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After His Gamer Girl Sent Him This Photo, He Broke Up With Her Always, always, always double check your pictures before sending them out. You never know what will end up on the internet forever.

#1 Gamer Babe Or Nah?

Seems like a pretty nice picture to receive from your girl while you’re away on business. Is she wearing his favorite shirt or something?


#2 Let’s Take A Closer Look

Upon closer inspection, it seems that this girl is indeed still being sexy and the photo is still something any man would like to receive while out of town… So what gives?


#3 Do You Get It Now?

The Xbox controller’s light indicates that she’s playing as player two. In order for that to be the case, someone else has to be in the room with her, playing Xbox as player one. Looks like it’s ‘game over’ for this relationship.






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