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Hungry Dog Grabbed A Newborn And Did Something Amazing

Dogs, the next to loyalty always win hearts and that’s why known as the best friend of the human being. The incident below will melt your heart and make you re-think about dogs and their kindness.

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Via– GirlsVine

Hungry dog wandering around the streets.


He was searching food in the streets of Oman. Unfortunately, he found a 3-day-old newborn who still had its umbilical cord attached.

The dog didn’t like the taste.


When the dog grabbed the baby, he understood that something wasn’t right. So he thought of not harming the baby more and took it by holding in the mouth. He placed the baby outside a house and began to bark, just to grab the attention of people.

This was a shocking surprise.


Hearing the dog barking, the family opened the door and got surprised to see a newborn baby who was lying on their doorstep. That was a wonderful incident that gave a new life to the newborn.

Hats Off to the dog.


Who does that? Do even humans?

Dogs have always proved their kindness.


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