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16 Times People Did The Impossible

As we go about our day to day lives, we find ourselves bombarded with mediocrity, so much so that we often become desensitized to the really amazing things that happen around us all the time, and that’s rather sad! Life is dull and dreary enough as it is, and it doesn’t help us to lose our childlike sense of innocence and wonder. For that reason, I bring you a number of truly amazing feats of the impossible accomplished by average, everyday people, quite like yourself. Well not like YOU, but, you know, like NORMAL people.


1. Golden Showers For One!

“And for my next trick, I will insert my head firmly into my own butt and become one with the Tumblr, like the great feminists before me!”


via reddit / Anotherocean

2. “I’ll Open My Own Pickles, Thank You Very Much!”

I think we need a urine test here, but I’m not going to ask for it!


via reddit / ohwhatohwow

3. Some Super Saiyan Shit Going On Here

If you take this girl out on one date, you might as well be ready to marry her… or face the consequences!


via reddit / mike_pants

4. “Babe, Come Over.” “I Can’t, My Jag Is In The Shop”

“My parents aren’t home…”


via reddit / dubai_

5. She Finally Did It. She Shipped Herself Away From Your BS!

Shipping and handling must have been an ARM and a LEG, amirite?


via reddit / zrcjessica

6. “Damnit, Jesus! Every Time?”

The holiest of photobombs!


via reddit / wondersaboutcats

7. “Not Today, Vile Bubble!”

Only when his family was in mortal danger did Timmy finally get over that first fateful bubble bath!


via reddit / borrihong | Eric Green / Diply

8. I Have Achieved Full Pretzel!

And every man in that gym has achieved “I think I’ll just sit down for a while!”


via imgur / ufdsnbspn

9. The Man Who Mastered The Jedi Mind Trick!

The only downside is that to achieve it, apparently one must crap their pants!


via imgur / Sinth0ras

10. The Smart Ass Is Strong With This One!

Actually though, it takes amazing skill and patience to level this level of cheekiness! Truly incredible!


via imgur / AtLeastMyInternetConnectionWorks

11. Accomplishing The Grueling Flipper Full Marathon!

But seriously, this is pretty awesome! Pro MMA fighter turns against his barbaric training to save a baby dolphin!


via Twitter / @Pendred

12. I Hope He Doesn’t Get Sand In It!

Can you imagine how crowded the beach must have been for him to have ripped his own head off in anger?


via Twitter / @tantsits

13. The Kid Who Rocks The Hardest

Metal crowds are the best in the business, folks, hands down!



14. The Guy Who REALLY Brought Sexy Back!

We thought it had all disappeared since Bieber replaced Timberlake as the guy everyone thinks of when they hear the name “Justin!”


via Smosh

15. The Guy Who Made This Machine Somehow MORE Badass?

The bucket needed to be that big just to handle his titanium balls!


via reddit / Nanoushka

16. This Woman, Who Is Apparently Going To One Arm An Entire Elephant Dump!

Yep…that’s amazing!



Main and collage image via reddit / mike_pants


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