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14 Times The World Challenged You

Life challenges us all the time, but once in a while it seems like it comes right out and provokes us into performing that which we normally would not and definitely should not. The process of accepting these challenges usually gets us in way over our heads, and the outcomes range from serious injury and firing to alcohol poisoning and possibly being soaked in your own urine.

But still, who can resist the call of the “I bet you can’t”? Definitely not these 14 people!

1. When they said death is the great equalizer


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2. When they underestimated how little you fear obesity and type 2 diabetes


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3. When they told you that you should limit yourself to one glass a day


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4. Oh no? Challenge accepted!


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5. When your childhood came back to test your manhood


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6. When you cared more about your hot sauce bragging rights than a bloody anus


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7. When the box of bagel bites tried to put limits on you

But you knew that when it comes to bagel bites, the limit does not exist.


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8. When you found out that this exists and it’s waiting for you


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9. When the holes spoke louder than the words


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10. When the bum challenged you to a throwing contest

You won the bet and all it cost was five dollars in quarters!


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11. When you felt the need to prove the falseness of this blasphemous statement


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12. When they said “Should not” instead of “Cannot”

I am almost certain I will feel a high level of self-disgust after this challenge but it must be done


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13. When you found yourself face to face with 15 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter

And if the last challenge didn’t quite do it, I will definitely hate myself after this one.


via Instagram / @elise_copps

14. When they said no one has time for that, but they forgot how much you don’t care about doing real work


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Main image via Instagram / @itsburgerburger

Collage images via 1. reddit / chankee36 2. reddit / bearxor


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