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Packing Case Wisely! Learn Travelling Hacks!

Every time I pack a suitcase, I realize that do it the wrong way.

I started to take less clothes but still it hasn’t worked out. That’s why I found great advice of travelers who’re experienced in this as nobody else.

So, the first rule when get ready with your clothes is to roll them down instead of folding.

Once it happened to me, when I arrived to another country and it was a heavy raining. So before heading out work on your bags with a waterproof product.

Have you ever faced with the bags in the hotel which are put there for your dirty clothes. This bags are useful for packing, when you’d like to put shoes and stuff together.

I’ve experienced that when I put fresh and clean clothes, arriving at some place it’s always look like it wasn’t and its smell not really fresh. That’s why it’s better to put some sheets for drying clothes which has a nice smell.

The next problem you’ve faced with is probably the wrinkled clothes all over. However, you can take mini-streamer which adds some pounds to your case, but I found something cooler and easier than that. Buy a Downy’s spray. It helps you to look perfect and no wrinkles on your clothes. Just apply it on the clothes thirty minutes ahead.

Girls, used to argue their bags are so heavy. The expert adviced to put heavy items on the bottom of your case, so there’s no difficulties with rolling it.



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