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3 Most Expensive Facial Treatments In The World!

Everyone wants to look perfect and attractive these days.

People work a lot to make their skin younger and more beautiful. Nowadays, there are a lot of facial treatments, which were not available in the past. Technology has offered us a lot of effective ways to treat skin problems. Facials are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Let’s look at the most expensive beauty procedures.

Bee Venom Facial

The mixture is made out of bee venom. It’s usually used in the mask with such ingredients as lavender oil, butter and honey. This facial costs almost $55, 200, which is really enormous. It’s often used by many famous people, including Kate Middleton.

HD Diamond and Ruby Peel

This procedure is really very expensive and consists of scrubs, made from crushed rubies and diamonds. The mixture is put on the skin. After that they use a lactic acid peel, which makes skin more glowing. This treatment is very popular among Hollywood actresses, such as Mila Kunis. Be ready to pay $7,000 for the procedure.

Evian Bath

You’ll never forget this treatment, because it is so refreshing for the whole body. This gorgeous bath consists of spring water and rose petals. Only special guests at Hotel Victor can experience such a pleasure. It is known that Serena Williams got such a treatment and was extremely happy. Ordering the procedure, you would also get desserts and a bottle of champagne. Do not forget about $5000!!!



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