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These People With Real Superpowers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Claudio Pinto

This Man has the ability to pop his eyes 95 percent out of their sockets.


Stephen Wiltshire

he has the ability to look at a subject just once and create a drawing of the subject in full detail and accuracy. whiltshire was able to accurately recreate new york city after a brief helicopter ride above it


Rathakrishnan Velu

Rathakrishnan Velu is from Malaysia and he is able to pull weights of over 200 tonnes using his teeth.


Liew Thow Lin

Liew Thow Lin recently found that he can stick metallic objects to his any part of the body like a magnet.


Wim Hof

He climbed mount Everest in nothing but only a pair of bicycle shorts. The temperatures on mount Everest can vary from between -35 degrees Celsius and -60 degrees Celsius.


The ‘Garth’ Monks

The ‘Garth’ Monks from Tibet have the ability to change their body temperature using only their mind power. They have been recorded to have changed their body temperature by 8 degrees Celsius.


Hai Ngoc

Believe or not but this man hasn’t slept since 1973. he continues to his daily routine function normally and the lack of sleep has had no big impact on his day to day activities.


Ben Underwood

He lost his eyesight at the age of three from cancer. Ben is able to make clicking sounds using his mouth and judge the echo produced to understand his surroundings location and any obstacles in his path.


Tim Cridland

he is the man that feels no pain. Tim has used this ability for shocking entertainment act by pushing needles and skewers through various body parts.


Dean Karanzes

he has run on a treadmill for 80 hours continuously (350 miles) and has run 50 marathons in 50 states in fifty consecutive days.

10 People With Real Life Super Powers




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