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It Was A Fairy Tale Wedding But Suddenly People Realized Something Weird…OMG!

Every girl dreams of her wedding to be straight out of a fairytale. The wedding dress, the band, cake and every tiniest detail is on her freaking out list. But not all girls are lucky enough to live a life of their dreams.

Bridal Musings and UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) came forward and put a statement regarding the sickening and horrible nature of a dangerous worldwide trend. Scroll down to know more.

Images via YouTube

The wedding bells are ringing…


The wedding cake is ready for the ceremony


The bride and the groom are all set for the wedding


She is all set to walk down the aisle..


The best man congratulates the groom..


But the bride is just 11!


UNICEF and Bridal Musings created a video to reflect the condition of girls in various parts of the world


15 million girls are married every year below the age of 18


“The sad truth is that a girl who is married as a child is more likely to be out of school, experience domestic violence, and become infected with HIV/AIDS. She is more likely to have children when she herself is still a child, and is far more likely to die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.”

The conditions are pathetic..


In an age when these girls must be drawing, playing with their neighborhood kids and celebrating festivals with their parents, they are married off to men who claim to ‘own them’.

Here is the heartwrenching video by UNICEF:


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