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10 Ways to Gain YouTube Fame

Share Makeup Tips


Got perfect brows that look like they were groomed by Anastasia Soare? Know how to fake a Kylie Jenner pout or conceal the evidence of a sleepless night? Consider becoming a makeup vlogger on YouTube.

The most popular YouTube beauty gurus rack in more than half a million a year, and many makeup experts earn enough online to quit their regular jobs. Michelle Phan brings in approximately $20,000 a month, while sisters Nic and Sam Champman have a combined monthly income of more than $25,000.

Not sure sharing makeup tips on YouTube is something you want to do? From playing video games to baking cookies, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best ways to become a YouTube celebrity.

Play Video Games


Take at look at the YouTube channels with the most subscribers, and you’ll notice many of them involve video games or computer games. Super Mario Brothers, Minecraft, and 5 Nights at Freddy’s are a few of the games we often see discussed or played on YouTube videos. There are even YouTube videos with tips and tricks for cell phone apps, such as Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga.

PewDiePie manages a popular gaming channel with more than 42 million subscribers, and there are numerous other gamers, such as VanossGaming and VEGETTA777, who have found success as vloggers.

Stuff Your Face


Ever wish someone would pay you to eat your favorite foods? Vloggers around the world are gaining popularity by recording themselves eating takeout and homemade meals.

South Korean vlogger Park Seo-Yeon earns approximately $100,000 a year eating food and answering questions from viewers. She says her show is popular because it helps people feel like they aren’t alone during meals.

 Express Your Anger


Rant about everything from bad grammar to stupid exes on YouTube – and earn big bucks for it.

Jenna Marbles currently pulls in more than $2.5 million a year from her YouTube channel. Jack Douglass earns money by critiquing YouTube comments on his popular YouTube show, “Your Grammar Sucks”.

Share Happy Moments


Nothing hits you right in the feels quite like a romantic proposal, a woman walking for the first time after spending years in a wheelchair, or a soldier hugging his baby daughter for the first time.

The world loves taking part in magical moments, so if you’ve got any on camera, share them.

Show Off Your Singing


Show off your singing skills – or lack of – as a YouTube vlogger. You can sing your own songs or cover hits by other artists.

If you don’t want the world to hear your failure to hold a note, lip sync a few songs instead. Keenan Cahill, who is just barely out of his teen years, is one of the most popular YouTube lip sync stars.

Record Your Children


Share the joys – and stresses – of parenting by recording the adventures you have with your kiddos.

WhatsUpMoms posts some hilarious videos, including an awesome Taylor Swift parody. We laugh every time we see it.

Offer Career Advice


Odds are high that someone out there wants the career you have. Record a few things you do at the office (with your supervisor’s permission, of course) or chronicle your life as a freelancer. You can also offer resume and cover letter tips or explain how to ace a job interview.

Do Ordinary Things


Organizing drawers…cleaning the bathroom…repairing stuff around the house…these things all make great YouTube videos. People often go to YouTube to find tips related to these topics.

Prepare Recipes


Bake cupcakes, saute garlic, or marinate chicken on your very own cooking show. Laura in the Kitchen has more than 2.2 million YouTube subscribers, and there are tons of other popular cooking channels on YouTube.

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