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18 truly impressive photos we’ve never seen before

Life is way more interesting and captivating than any movie and video game combined. Unique things are right there in front of our eyes, and sometimes we don’t even notice them. Look a little closer, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the diversity and perfection of the world.

To prove this to you, we’ve collected some very interesting photos that you most certainly have never seen before. Let’s learn something new together!

The size of a comet compared to Los Angeles


An armadillo in ’sleep mode’

High-tech parking. Volkswagen factory, Wolfsburg

A honeycomb

A 360º rainbow

Two trees that share one branch

Farmers’ fields in Saudi Arabia

Wheat vs. Lavender

Earth viewed from Mars, and Mars viewed from Earth

A cornea transplant

Graphene aerogel — the lightest material ever made

The Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

A rainbow and lightning seen together

In the heart of the sea

887655-800-1459101567-9664416778_b6dd913f08_kSpreng Ben

Some velcro put under the microscope

A transparent acrylic car

How genetics work: take a close look at the newlywed’s relatives

The Great Wall of China ends right here









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