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10 Sugary Foods That Will Destroy Your Diet

Dried Fruit – Percent of Sugar: 81.1%


What is a raisin? It’s a sundried grape. The sugars of the grape are concentrated and left behind as the water evaporates under a hot sun. Although it’s called “Nature’s Candy,” you can refer to #3 on this list as to why even candy from nature is still considered candy!

Fruit Canned in Syrup – Percent Sugar: 52.2%


Disguised as an “equal” alternative to fresh fruit, this stuff is NOT from nature. Fruit is already packed full of naturally occurring sugars, so to store it in a liquid full of added sugars seems like overkill, which is exactly what these little cans of mayhem are doing to your system!

Jams, Preserves & Spreads – Percent of Sugar: 60.1%


Smucker’s, Welch’s, you name it. Those little packets of jam on your local diner’s table are packed full of the scary sweet stuff (and usually not much real fruit!). Don’t forget that those delicious Nutella spreads are definitely included in this category.

Sugars, Syrups & Sweeteners – Percent of Sugar: 99.8%


An obvious answer of course, but many forget that honey, maple syrups, and brown sugar fall into this category as well. Don’t soak your pancakes!

Drink Powders & Soft Drinks – Percent of Sugar: 95.3%

2-Soda1-1024x768A soda might just be a soda, but don’t forget that a 20 oz soda has more than quadruple your recommended daily allowance for sugar! Also in this category: kool-aid, powdered iced tea, lemonade mixes, cocoa mix.

Cereals – Percent of Sugar: 56.2%


I’ll bet you can name at least 3 sugary cereals that your parents would either NEVER buy for you, or you were such a picky eater as a child that buying cereals with MARSHMALLOWS was the only way your parents could get you to eat breakfast. Though many are fortified with vitamins and minerals, you’d be better off taking a multivitamin instead and saving yourself from a sugar spiked morning. There’s no such thing as a truly healthy cereal!

Sauces – Percent of Sugar: 38.2%


Ever wonder why French fries taste so good with ketchup? Because the brain reacts strongest to salt, fat, and sugar, and after providing the salt and fat from the heavily seasoned batch of fried potatoes (starch, a complex sugar), the sugary red sauce provides that perfect third element.

Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Milkshakes – Percent of Sugar: 25.4%


America’s favorite frozen treat! Those yummy cold cones from your childhood summer memories are a nice treat from time to time, but if enjoyed too often, it can lead to lots of problems including high-blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Froyo might be a slightly healthier alternative, but even with minimal toppings, this frozen fare also makes it to this category.

Candies – Percent of Sugar: 83.3%


Did you know the average American consumes more than 3.4 POUNDS of candy over Halloween? That’s the equivalent of consuming 3 full cups of sugar, which is about 220 packets of sugar!

Cookies, Cakes & Pies – Percent of Sugar: 70.7%


Both Little Debbie and Mrs. Hines make up a team of troublesome femme fatales when you consider how much sugar is actually hidden in these lunchbox sugarbombs! A single Twinkie has more than half the daily recommended allowance of sugar for a man, and a full day’s worth for a woman. Talk about a war on women!






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