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10 Insane Celebrity Cars I wouldn’t Want To Pay Auto Insurance For

Jay-Z —- Maybach Exelero = $8,000,0000         


Nothing but the best for Mr. Beyonce, AKA rapper Jay-Z. Jay-Z showed off a Maybach Exelero in his music video “Lost One” back in the day (do you have to get auto insurance coverage when a car is in a music video?), and now he owns his very own.

Jay-Z spent around $8 million on his Maybach Exelero, which is probably more than we’ll make in our lifetime. We hope he was able to afford some cheap car insurance after that, but maybe famous rappers like Jay-Z don’t worry about finding the best price on auto insurance plans.


Keep clicking to find 9 other celebs with expensive vehicles who probably use the best auto insurance companies in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the country. We don’t know exactly what goes through these celebs’ minds when they buy fancy new cars, but it’s probably something like, “How much auto insurance do I need for this sports car?” Then again, when you’re making millions, you’re probably not worrying about low cost car insurance or comparing car insurance quotes as much as us everyday folks who spend hours researching affordable auto insurance prices.

Paris Hilton —- Continental GT: $285,000


Merry Christmas to Paris from Paris! Back in 2008, Paris Hilton showed the world she didn’t care about cheap car insurance nor did she need a car loan when she treated herself to a pink Bentley GT Continental for $285,000.


We bet Hilton looks super sexy cruising around town in her pink sports car, and we hope she was able to figure out how to buy car insurance (preferably a full-coverage plan, not just liability only) from one of the best auto insurance companies. Hilton has a reputation as an airhead, but we think she’s way too smart to be like, “Ummm, what is auto insurance, and do I really need it for my car?”David Beckham —-  Rolls-Royce Phantom: $407,000  


David Beckham is a talented soccer player, devoted husband, and loving father who enjoys the finer things in life, like expensive vehicles with (we’re guessing) outrageous auto insurance rates. Rumor has it he wanted a family-friendly car to haul his brood around, so he dropped $407,000 on a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. Did we mention his Rolls-Royce was custom made? We hope he also has a custom-made car insurance plan that protects him and his black beauty (the car, not his wife, Victoria) if the two are ever in an accident.

We’re just wondering…how much is car insurance for a $407,000 vehicle? We’re guessing there’s no such thing as low cost car insurance when it comes to a car that costs nearly half a million dollars, so Beckham probably didn’t waste any time requesting cheap auto insurance quotes online or doing a car insurance quote comparison. And how much car insurance do you need for a vehicle like this? We’ll get back to you if we ever learn the answers to our burning auto insurance questions.

Kim Kardashian —- Ferrari 458 Italia: $325,000  


Bargain hunter Kim Kardashian bought this Ferrari 458 Italia from just $325,000. Way to be frugal, girlfriend. We’re guessing she probably also reviewed a list of car insurance companies to figure out which ones offered cheap auto insurance coverage. After all, she has little Nori and her soon-to-be-born son to protect. Kanye can probably hold his own.

We’re just wondering how to get car insurance for a $325,000 Ferrari. Did Kim just call the car insurance companies and be like, “Hey guys, how much car insurance do I need for my awesome new vehicle. Give me the cheapest car insurance you’ve got for my Ferrari.” She’s a busy woman, so she probably just decided to purchase auto insurance online after comparing low cost car insurance options.Jay Leno —- Mercedes SLR Mclaren: $500,000


First of all, we know this is only 1 of roughly 130 cars, and 90+ motorcycles that Jay owns.  Jay Leno no longer hosts “The Tonight Show”, but he certainly put his earnings to good use when he dropped $500,000 on a Mercedes SLR Mclaren. We’re over here running different figures in our head, trying to determine if it’s even possible to get cheap auto insurance for a Mercedes.


Then again, that’s why there are free auto insurance quotes online from websites that offer car insurance quote comparison. Leno has a 17,000 square foot garage just for his vehicles, so we’re guessing he’s had to compare auto insurance quotes a bunch of different times in an attempt to get low cost car insurance for his vehicles.

Kanye West —- Lamborghini Aventador: $750,000  


Kim Kardashian isn’t about to let her husband drive around in a cheap car. Kardashian bought Kanye West, her husband and the father of her children, this $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Wow, this vehicle costs even more than Kim’s Ferrari, so hopefully the couple has affordable car insurance from one of the best car insurance companies in the state.

You can get a family plan for low cost car insurance, right? Maybe we’re thinking of cell phones…

Birdman —- Bugatti Veyron: 2 Million    


What do you do when you’re the CEO of Cash Money Records and you need to blow $2 million bucks? If you’re Birdman, you buy a red Bugatti Veyron and pray that you can still afford your mortgage payment after you pay your auto insurance premium.

How much is car insurance for a $2 million dollar Bugatti? Inquiring minds (us) want to know if affordable car insurance is even an option.

Lil Wayne —-  Fleet of Cars: $$$  ???  


We can’t even keep up with all of the luxury cars Lil Wayne owns, but we’re guessing he spends a ton of money on car insurance for his expensive vehicles. Lil Wayne owns multiple Bugatti Veyrons, plus a Cadillac CTS, Bentley Musanne, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, and Campagna T-Rex 14R.

He’s spent millions of dollars on his vehicles over the years – and possibly millions of bucks on auto insurance policies, too. Hey, Lil Wayne, we want to help…please check out low cost car insurance plans online.

Flo Rida —- Gold Bugatti Veyron: 2.7 Million  


Unless you slept through the first 8 slides, you’ve probably noticed that rappers seem to love Bugattis, even if it makes it hard for them to get cheap car insurance plans. Flo Rida is no exception, and he owns a gold Bugatti that set him back $2.7 million.

We couldn’t really find pictures of Flo Rida driving his gold Bugatti, but maybe he just stands around and admires its beautiful gleam all day. Can’t say we blame him. Hey, Flo Rida – just remember that you still need affordable car insurance, preferably full coverage, even if your Bugatti sits in the garage all day. You can get free car insurance quotes online if you need to, okay?

Chris Brown —- Bugatti & Aventador: 3 Million+


Chris Brown has an adorable baby daughter who rides in style when her daddy takes her out in his Lamborghini. Or his Bugatti. Or his Aventador.

Okay, okay…you get the picture. Chris Brown has a lot of expensive cars. We just pray he has auto insurance coverage for each one of his luxury vehicles. He probably can’t get car insurance, but he can at least compare online auto insurance quotes for his cars.





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