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Anonymous Promises To ‘Strike Back’ Against ISIS After Brussels Terrorist Attack

I am going to start this by saying I am not sure which Anonymous is the “real” Anonymous. The group running #OpBrussels claim to be the real deal. And If they have problems with ISIS I am down with that.

In its latest video, the group said it would ‘severely punish’ the terrorists following the latest attacks.

They have stolen bitcoins, accounts, and now promise to strike back.  ‘We have silenced thousands of Twitter accounts directly linked to ISIS,’.

‘We severely punish Daesh on the dark net, hacked their electronic portfolio and stolen money from the terrorists.’

‘We have laid siege to your propaganda websites, tested them with our cyber attacks, however we will not rest as long as terrorists continue their actions around the world.

‘We will strike back against them… we will defend the rights of freedom and tolerance.’

Again, you guys can go on about how lame Anonymous is and how they are not doing anything but at least they are threatening to do something. They tricked Donald Trump and last week, hopefully this week they can unleash some hell on ISIS.

Because we can all agree on one thing… F*CK ISIS!



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