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9 Shockingly Good Foods With Chocolate

Broccoli Dipped in Chocolate   


Tired of begging your kids to eat their veggies? Instead of sticking broccoli in yet another stir fry or burying it under a pile of thick cheese, melt a bowl of chocolate and place it beside a tray of raw veggies. Your kids will love it – and so will you.

You can also serve melted chocolate with baby carrots, cauliflower, and red pepper slices. Make sure to serve the veggies raw, as cooked vegetables often become soggy and hard to dip.

Beets With Caramelized White Chocolate


Beets aren’t high on our list of favorite foods, but chocolate makes anything palatable. So does coffee, which is why the chopped beets in this recipe are roasted over java beans. The recipe’s smooth, rich white chocolate is slowly caramelized in a saucepan, then combined with olive oil and buttermilk before being drizzled over the coffee-roasted beets.

The result? Lifechanging. Oh, and did you know there are very few calories in beets? Beet calories are pretty much nonexistent, so you can save room for sweet treats made from white chocolate, like crunchy oatmeal white chocolate cranberry cookies or chewy white chocolate chip cookies. You’re welcome.Chocolate-Covered Pickles


You might have tried fried pickles before, but have you ever had a thick, juicy pickle drenched in rich chocolate? Every bite delivers an intense explosion of salty sweetness to your mouth, and a plain pickle will never taste the same once you’ve tried this delicious delight. Minimize the mess by sticking a popsicle stick or skewer inside of your pickle before you dunk it in melted chocolate.Jalapenos Covered in Chocolate


Jalapenos aren’t just for nachos and burgers. Balance the eye-watering spiciness of an uncut jalapeno with the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate. For an elegant look, drizzle white chocolate over the milk chocolate or sprinkle with crushed nuts, mini chocolate chips, or coconut flakes.

Chocolate Olives


Hate the bitter aftertaste that hits your tongue when you chomp down on an unmarinated olive? Try dunking olives in silky milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate. This surprising duo tastes absolutely amazing, and it makes a classy appetizer if you’re hosting a birthday party or wedding shower.

Prefer white chocolate? Finely slice a few olives and place them on a piece of crostini, then drizzle a generous amount of white chocolate on top. The subtle sweetness complements the sharpness of the olives without overwhelming your taste buds.

Pasta With Chocolate Sauce


Pasta with chocolate sauce might seem like a weird combination, but if you think about the ingredients, it makes sense. Pasta is typically made from wheat, which is the same ingredient cakes, donuts, and breads generally have.

Prepare spaghetti, fettuccine, or angel hair pasta to your desired level of tenderness. Coat with a creamy sauce made of heavy whipping cream, chocolate, and hazelnut extract. Serve with chocolate shavings and fresh berries for a sophisticated dish that works equally well for dinner or dessert.

Chocolate and Marshmallow French Fries


Craving a s’more, but not in the mood to build a fire? Bake a batch of frozen french fries, then top them with plenty of melted chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs. Use a combination of marshmallow creme and whole marshmallows to recreate the ooey-gooey goodness associated with traditional s’mores.

Chocolate Tacos


Your life is not complete if you have never tried a chocolate taco. Chocolate-covered taco shells provide a spacious vessel for all sorts of sweet treats, from juicy strawberries to scoops of ice cream. Make things extra pretty by dipping the taco tops in a bowl filled with colorful sprinkles.

Chocolate-Drenched Corn Dogs


Worried that you haven’t consumed enough artery-clogging goodness today? We’re here to save the day by giving you the scoop on chocolate corn dogs.

A plump hot dog sandwiched between a fried shell is tasty on its own, but it becomes mindblowingly delicious when you drench it in a thick layer of melted chocolate and top it with sprinkles. We’ll take 3, please.






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