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10 Of The Best Ways To Make Easter Special

Design An Easter Egg Hunt For Your Children      


Children love to participate in the Easter egg hunt. They like to play hide and seek with eggs. You hide the colorful eggs around your house and backyard for them to find. Parents can award the child who found the most Easter eggs as well.

You can decorate the eggs with your children, and then hide them the next day. If your children want to participate in the Easter eggs hunt, but are too old for it, you can come up with a plan to increase the level of difficulty.

Talk with other family members and friends to come up with ideas on how you can change the traditional game of hunting for eggs for older children. One idea is to hide the eggs in difficult places. You can give each child a few clues to look for the eggs.

If are close to your neighbors, you can arrange a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. If you want, you can also participate in the Easter egg hunt, as long as you were not the one who hid it.

Make Your Home Beautiful For Easter    


Are your friends and family coming over to your house to celebrate Easter with you and your family? If you have a few guests coming over, you need to prepare your home for Easter.

Start by decorating your home, using bright and vivid colors, pictures of bunnies and colorful Easter, and purchasing Easter themed wall décor. You should adorn your lawn with Easter inspired decorations as well. Your home needs to look inviting and the best way to do it is to decorate it.

If you have children, you can ask them to help you come up with ideas and assist you put up holiday decorations. When you decorate your home that is when you truly get into the holiday spirit.

Cook Up A Delicious Feast      


You do not want to fill your children’s plate with candies, but you can still prepare and serve delicious treats they will love. You can prepare spring rolls, cupcakes, pies, cakes, and cookies.

You can decorate them with icing, reflecting the colors of spring. If eaten in moderation, we think your children will be okay. However, if they tend to get a sugar rush after eating desserts, we can’t help you with that.

What you can do is get high on sugar yourself. It is the holidays, so have fun. You can look up recipes to cook with your children. If you want, you can use healthy ingredients to cook up delicious and mouthwatering desserts.

Use New Ideas To Decorate The Easter Eggs


Stop using old ways to decorate your Easter eggs, but think of new ideas you can use to decorate them instead. The usual method to make the eggs colorful is to dye them.

This year, you should take a step back from what is traditional and take a step forward to what is unconventional.

You can embellish the eggs with washi tape (Japanese tape) and add stickers, beads, and jewels. Let your children have some decorating the eggs. Provide them with washable markers, paint, and stickers to decorate their own egg.

Play Dress Up  


You and your family can dress up for Easter. Do not fancy clothes, but wear bunny outfits. A great idea to use is to host a costume party on Easter.

You can send out invitations to your family and friends, telling them to wear costumes.

From all your previous Easter gatherings, this one will sure take the cake for being one of the best parties. Remember to take several pictures and videos.

Visit The New York City Easter Parade  


Surprise your family by taking them to New York City Easter parade. You will see people dressed up in the most outrageous outfits.

Other participants wear Civil War costumes to pay their respects to the veterans or dress like the men and women of that period. Live animals are part of the grand parade as well.

Several children also participate in the parade, wearing themed costumes and looking cute as a button. If you want, you can come to the parade in costume.

Participate In The Easter Bonnet Contest    


Do you have a creative side you want to express this Easter? Apart from decorating Easter eggs, you can enter the Easter bonnet contest.

You will be asked to design and decorate an over the top bonnet.

You can take inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga and anyone you know is famous for wearing the most outrageous headgear.

Create Easter Baskets  


You can create Easter baskets with your children. Inside the beautifully decorated baskets, you can place chocolate Easter eggs or the eggs you decorated with your children.

You can gift the Easter baskets to your family and friends. Embellish the Easter basket with colorful ribbons, beads, stickers, and paint.

Decorating Easter baskets is a fun activity, perfect for any age.

Order Lilies For Family Members Who Passed Away


You can celebrate the memory of loved ones who you lost by purchasing lilies to take with you to church.

At church, you can talk about your loved ones, sharing stories about them. You can offer to read a story to little children at church.

Visit Church  


You can dress up in your best church outfits and visit a service held at your church.

Everyone will be dressed up so you can wear a beautiful hat that you are dying to wear.

You will find everyone dressed up in their most elegant and formal outfits.




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