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Shocking Stories About Animals Who Ate Their Owners

Dog Eats Drunk Owner  


In the early 1990s, a middle-aged woman became intoxicated and passed out in her home. While she was unconscious, her Irish setter began chewing on her face. The wounds ended up being fatal.

The case was documented as one of the most horrific reports of a pet eating its owner. Normally dogs have a waiting period of several days before they begin eating a deceased human, but experts were shocked to learn that the Irish setter started gnawing on its owner after less than 16 hours after she became unconscious.

Think you can stomach more shocking stories about pets who ate their owners? We’ve got 9 more for you.

10 Cats Eat Hanging Man  


A man in his early 30s intentionally took his own life by overdosing on prescription drugs. He was a proud pet owner who lived with 10 cats – all of which died shortly after their owner’s death.

The cats gnawed off their owner’s neck and head, as well as part of one arm, until all that remained was bone. The owner’s blood contained toxic amounts of the prescription drug that contributed to his death, so all 10 of the cats died after consuming his flesh.

Animal Lover Eaten by Pets 


Janet Veal, a 56-year-old woman from Ringwood, Hampshire, died alone in her home in 2013. Her body was eaten by several of her pets, some of which died. Police found a dead dog and a dead cat, along with Veal’s half-eaten body, after neighbors called to report an overflowing mailbox.

Pigs Eat Farmer     


A 69-year-old hog farmer was mauled and killed by his hogs. Family members found his dentures buried in the hog pen, along with an unidentified body part.

Pet Hippo Attacks Army Major   


A 40-year-old Army major in South Africa was killed by his pet hippo. He adopted the animal, which he named Humphrey, when it was just 5 months old. The deceased man often referred to Humphrey as “just like a human” and “like a son to me”, so family members were shocked when the man’s beloved hippo took his life.

Python Confuses Man With Food  


A 13-foot Burmese python escaped from its cage, then attacked and killed his 19-year-old owner by strangling him. Authorities said they believed the python was hungry and mistook its owner for food.

Creepy Crawlers Attack Owner   


Loner Voegel had a death scene worthy of a horror film, according to local residents from his German town. A black widow spider killed him, and then his body was ravaged by lizards and tarantulas. Police found his body covered in spiderwebs, with spiders crawling out of his nose and ears.

Hamster Builds Human Nest     


A woman died of pneumonia in her home. Shortly after her death, her hamster clawed apart her face, using the flesh to build a human nest in a drawer.

Chimp Attacks Owner’s Friend  


Charla Nash, a single mother from Connecticut, experienced a shocking turn of events while visiting a friend about 10 years ago. Her friend’s pet chimp mauled her, ripping out her hair, eyelids, nose, and lips. She barely survived the incident and has received multiple medical treatments since then, including a facial transplant and prosthetic limbs.

Ferret Eats Baby Boy’s Fingers  


Two Missouri parents were horrified when they woke up in the middle of the night to find their pet ferret had eaten 7 of their 4-month-old son’s fingers. The parents were fined for possessing an exotic pet without a license, and the son had to undergo surgery to transfer pieces of his toes to his fingers so that he could use his hands normally.



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