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5 Exciting Things To Look Forward To In Game Of Thrones Season 6

The Resurrection Of Jon Snow


There is no about the fact that one of the most anticipated things in Game of Thrones Season 6 is the resurrection of Jon Snow. While the show hasn’t clearly indicated that Jon Snow is coming back, there are lots of theories that are floating around amongst fan circles. Even book readers are unsure about whether Jon is going to be back, with the way that the final chapter of A Dance with Dragons ends.

Some people are still clinging to the hope that Jon will be coming back in Game of Thrones, since there is a significant portion of the novels, which have discussed Jon’s parentage at length, and to reveal it after the character has passed away will be something of an anticlimax. However, Jon has most definitely died, which is a fact that both producers Benioff and Weiss, as well as actor Kit Harrington have stated.

This means that the only way that Jon Snow is going to be coming back is if he is going to be resurrected. The theories suggest that Jon won’t be the same man once he is resurrected, and if Lady Melisandre brings him back, he is going to lose a small part of himself in the process – which is something that Beric Dondarion discusses, when is brought back to life by Thoros of Myr.

Another theory suggests that Jon may have warged into Ghost, his direwolf, before he died, which would keep his soul alive while his body dies. It remains to be seen if Jon returns as a wolf or is brought back from the dead by Lady Melisandre, but one thing is for certain, fans are most definitely freaking out at the possibility of Jon returning to the show.

Dragons Under Control      


In the season 5 finale, we see that Daenerys is surrounded by the massive Dothraki Khalasar, and the books reveal the same predicament for her, but Drogon is near her, and the Dothraki are scared of the large dragon. It remains to be seen if the Khalasar want to harm her, but it is being speculated that she could use Drogon to win over the Dothraki and bring them to join her cause, since they only follow the strong, and a Dragon changes things.

On the other hand, everyone now knows about the dragons of Daenerys and many are interested in controlling them. Victarion Greyjoy is one such person who wants to use her dragons, and he could use an old horn that he came across in Old Valyria, called Dragonbinder. The horn supposedly has the ability to control dragons who can hear it, and the Valyrians used the horns to tame their dragons. While little is known about whether the horn can actually control dragons, it is being suggested that Dragonbinder may make an appearance in season 6 and we will soon know if someone will be able to control the dragons in order to use them.

The Return Of Bran


Bran wasn’t a part of Game of Thrones in season 5 and even though fans knew about it, they were still disappointed in his absence. Producer Benioff said that Bran’s training wouldn’t be revealed, and he will reappear as a trained seer and warg, with a dramatic reveal predicted. Many of the major plots of Game of Thrones have caught up with the novels and it does make sense for Bran to return this season, but the big question is how?

Tyrion Rules Meereen  


Another exciting thing that fans are looking forward to in season 6 is seeing Tyrion rule Meereen. It remains to be seen if Varys is going to help Tyrion in ruling the city, similar to how he had helped him when he was Hand of the King. In the books Daenerys goes off with Drogon, and there is a large army waiting outside the walls of Meereen.

The army is mainly slaves from Yunkai and sellswords, who are led by those who want to see the return of slave trade in Slaver’s Bay and for Daenerys so surrender. Ser Barristan Selmy is trying to defend the city, but the Yunkai and sellswords have brought a contagious and deadly plague along with them. To compound matters they are catapaulting diseased corpses into the city, which has forced Ser Barristan to come out and meet them in open battle to defeat them once and for all.

It remains to be seen whether Tyrion faces the same kind of problems that Ser Barristan has to deal with in the novels, which would make ruling Meereen very challenging indeed for him.

The Ironborn Are Back  


Balon Greyjoy was completely omitted from season 5 of Game of Thrones, and it didn’t go unnoticed. However, he is still alive and well now, but in the books he is killed by one of his brothers or by Melisandre’s blood magic. A Kingsmoot is then held so that the new Lord of the Iron Islands can be elected, which comprises of his daughter, Yara and Balon’s brothers.

One of Balon’s brothers is set to appear in season 6 of Game of Thrones, which will suggest that the show is proceeding ahead, while still sticking to the storyline in the books. As of yet, the producers of the show has taken some characters so far ahead that it is going to be tricky to fit them into the plotlines of the show now. It remains to be seen how they reintroduce the Ironborns into the show, and what role they play in the Game of Thrones going forward.





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