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Woman Posts Picture Of Her TASTY Meal On Facebook But Didn’t Notice Something…

You’d think there can be nothing that can go wrong when you’re posting a picture of your tasty meals on Facebook.
Well, think again. Or maybe not; just scroll down and read about this woman’s embarrassing story of what happened when she innocently posted a picture of her tasty food online, trying to make others hungry. Check it out.

It’s good to share.

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With the advent of social networking sites, sharing details about one’s lives have become very normal and natural.

Mouthwatering food…


But, have you ever wondered if posting about your ‘tasty’ food could turn out to be embarrassing?

You’d think not..


You’d think there can be nothing wrong in doing so. Well, think again.

Keisha’s embarrassing story


A person named Keisha posted this photo of her ‘tasty’ food online.

Did you notice something wrong?

qc1hxe9mk05byrwql2b4Well, see that roach sitting on the edge of the plate, waiting to leap into the ‘tasty’ meal?

Keisha didn’t notice…

Business people-showing teamwork

But the rest of the internet certainly did.

Our reactions, literally!


Yeah, we’re going OMG too!





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